Saturday, July 5, 2008

Too Coincidental for Me to believe

Prince William helps bust $80m drug smuggling boat.

Yeah right... I don't believe a bit of it. According to this article Prince William helped the U.S. Coast Guard bust a boat carrying cocaine worth a minimum of $80 million. He supposedly was the one who spotted a speedboat later found to be carrying nearly a ton of cocaine speeding across the Atlantic. Is anyone else not buying this load of malarkey? Isn't this the same guy who was just recently flying a helecopter and landing on his girlfriends front lawn? I think it's all just a P.R. stunt trying to rehab his public image. Either that or they are trying to make the future king look like a real member of the British Armed services like little Brother Harry who actually did fight and was POed off when they pulled him out of Afghanistan. Am I off my rocker or does anyone else think this story is a big P.R. job?



Anonymous said...

Ya know Doc, A lot of things end up being a big P.R. scam when it comes to politics.

He was just at the right place and the right time maybe? I mean you know, he was with The ones that had suspicions and he got all the glory from it? I dunno but I don't see him being the one that did it all by himself.

He is a lil hottie tho! ( I guess I went off topic with that one) LOL!!

He did not do it but at the same time he did? help me out Doc! haha!


The Mountain Cat said...

Doc, What is not to believe? I think he is 100% genuine. Our leaders would never ever decieve us. In fact, Prince William also claimed to have found Jimmy Hoffa's body, The Lochness Monster and Keanu Reeve's acting ability.

Sunshine said...

I think he did it! He recognized the smell of the drugs from his old days sharing a room next to Prince Harry.

Micky-T said...

I don't know Doc, I think it's just the Royal way of letting the people know that Prince William is getting his crash course in the military and he happened to be a part of something that made the news. They had to fluff it a little!

Dianne said...

Actually, according to TMZ - and I always believe them - he was pointing to a boat full of bathing beauties when the cocaine laden speedboat obscured his view and he demanded that they be immediately punished.

Did Patrick enjoy his parade?

Jay said...

Yeah, it's a little hard to believe. Those crazy Brits! They think we'll fall for anything. Thank GOD our government never pulls any of this fake crap just for propaganda purposes. ;-)

He was probably kicked back in his bunk playing video games when they found all the blow and they called him to come up and get his picture taken with it.

Karen said...

That is why we can't have royalty here in the US....there are always skeptics trying to take them down.

Not everything is a conspiracy.


Anndi said...

now now... let me just sit here and enjoy a man in uniform!