Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 7/3/2008

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-Odd or interesting search note of the week. I have it on pretty good authority that my old friend Jennifer Wilbanks may have found our blog last week by googling herself. I am not going to say how or why but I am pretty sure on this one.... Hi Jennifer stop in and make a comment or two. We love to have new readers.

-I am sorry but I saw the commercial for the new Will Farrell movie "Step Brothers" this weekend and that movie looks really stupid. I think it's time for someone to tell Will that this silly ass formula he has been using for these movies is old and played out and really hasn't been funny since possibly Old School and certainly since Talladega nights..

-Is it just me or does the blogger world seem very flat during the summer months?Posting seems to be way down and certainly our visitor count has gone way down since Memorial Day. Does this happen every summer or have you all just gotten tired of us?

-Horror of all horrors!!! There has been a rules change to the annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island NY. The length of the contest is being cut by 2 full minutes. I sure hope this doesn't hurt the Champ Joey Chestnut's performance. He needs to crush Kobyashi again this year. Stay tuned

-After last weeks random thoughts where I mentioned the "WTF" license plates in NC what did I end up behind on my way home from work that afternoon? Yep a WTF license plate. I took a picture of him with my cell phone cam but I can't get it off there so you will just have to take my word for it.

-Tomorrow on the 4th Patrick is going to ride in the annual kid's bike parade over in my parents neighborhood. Well actually he is going to get pulled in his wagon by Daddy. I get to play the proud papa and I am looking forward to it. Look for pictures coming soon.

-Check out the new feature here on YJKOBT. It's the 'US People Required Reading' list. It's over there on the right hand side of the page. It takes you guys our friends blogs and shows links to the last 5 most recently updated postings. Check it out!

- I also want to thank Sassy Mamma Bear for naming Mt. Cat and I the Blue Ribbon Bloggers for July. This is a great award and we hope to live up to our reputation this month. Please visit Mrs. Penelope at The Cafe whenever you get a chance!

-While doing our monthly audit for May follow up calls my supervisor gave me a call. Normally I am at 100% compliance for these follow ups but for some reason my percentage slipped to 90% in May. he called me to ask if I was off work or if something happened on May 20th because he found two follows that weren't done until May 21st. I have no idea why or how I could have possibly missed any calls or follow ups on May 20th do you?

-Yesterday when I was driving home I heard the great tune on the radio that contains the following line. "I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana" Real quick without looking it up can anyone name the song and group on this one? (Not you Mt. Cat I know you know it)

-On a bit of a sad note I know some of you read yesterday that my cat Josette has gone missing. Here is a picture of her to the left. Josette is a bit of a tortured soul. She tries to be sweet but she was taken away from her mommy too soon and raised by me. At the time had no idea what to do with a cat so I tried to teach her to hunt and defend herself. I guess I did it a bit too well because she will go from sweet to attack cat in the blink of an eye. Just ask Mt. Cat who thought he was on great terms with her only to have the vicious claws of death (the total opposite of the jaws of life) turned on him. I hope that nothing has happened to her but I fear that it has. I have not seen her since last Thursday night or Friday morning. She has never been gone longer than overnight before. I miss you Josette and hope that you are well.

-Enjoy your 4th and if you have time check back tomorrow morning for a special Independence Day posting and the rest of the weekend for a couple of special things that I have found.



Sunshine said...

You do know, Doc, that even in the summer I have a crush on you.

It is weird, though, I guess summer is busier. I try not to judge my self-worth by the feedcount and Technorati rating losing a few notches.

(I am good enough, people like me! Really!)

But yes, I think there is an overall blog lull during these months.

Also, we were on vacation in Mexico when the "Runaway Bride" story hit and there were people from wherever it was she was from, Atlanta???? I'm too lazy to look it up. Anyway, they were glad to be out of the country at that time.

Doc said...

Hey Sunshine.. you are too sweet! We crush on you too!

Yes Wilbanks was from Atlanta and I previously posted about her (link in post) and I am sure that she visited YJKOBT last weekend.

This is the first summer of our blog on this network and so I was wondering...

KaritaG said...

Blog action is definitely down. I chalk it up to the nicer weather means people are outside instead of inside at their computers...

Karen said...

When you said Patrick was going to ride in the bike parade, I thought he was some sort of biking prodigy. Thanks for clearing that up.

I hope the skill you taught the cat are helping her survive out there.

Doc said...

Kara... thats a good point!

Karen.... Oh if something happened to he it wasn't for a lack of her getting a few in. Other animals steer clear of her for the most part. She really can be vicious. My wife saw my slashed up arms one time when we first met and thought that I was a 'cutter' - that cat doesn't play!

Knight said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cat Doc. She is probably just off having a fling somewhere.

WNG said...

Have fun being the proud papa Turtle! Take pictures, please :)

And I'm with Karen, if Josette is that hard core I'm sure she can take care of herself. Have you called Animal Control or the ASPCA yet? She might have been picked up.

As for people slacking off over the summer, obviously they don't really love you like we do.

Aunt Becky said...

Bwahahaha. She has crazy eyes. Crazy, crazy eyes.

Bina said...

Hi Jennifer!!

Yea, I have been so tired of Will. And even my husband said Blades of Glory was stupid. Now for HIM to say that?? Must have been REALLY bad!

When I had my blog at msnspaces (for two years mind you) things got really slow through summer, so don't feel bad! Hey, you've got MY love, what else matters??? LOL

Oh, the parade sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see pictures.

Hmmm, May 20th. What was that day again? Maybe I can come up with a reason. Let's just hope all employers don't start wondering what happened that day!

Oh No! Poor kitty. I hate when that happens to cats. It's better to know if they are dead then just be wondering for weeks if they'll come home or not.

Doc said...

Knight... I hope thats true.

G... I will get some shots of Patrick in his patriotic wagon (ie wagon with American flag) and Josette has identifying tags so doubtful she has been picked up. She wouldn't let anyone pick her up (other than me) w/o a fight to the death anyway. Seriously that cat is almost 5 and there has never been another human being to pick her up other than me that I am aware of.

Aunt Becky... Damn right she does!!

Dana said...

Posting seems to be way down and certainly our visitor count has gone way down since Memorial Day.

Hmmmm ... mine hasn't suffered ... at least on Thursdays *wink*

Doc said...

Bina.... I am glad that you caught that about May 20th W00t !!

Dana.... Go figure right!

Bina said...

Ha! Dana is so funny.

Micky-T said...

So Jennifer is checking up on you huh? Oh Well, she of all people should know that people are [were] talking
I've felt the blog dragging since May, somewhere after the 20th or something. Go figure huh?
Congrats on that BRB.
I hope your kitty knows how worried you are about her.

Jay said...

If Jennifer Willbanks is reading this: Leave a comment babe! Seriously, she'd be much more fun to have here than Heather Mills OR SJP!

Blog traffic definitely slows down in the summer.

Does Josette have one of those little chip implants so they can track her owners down if she is taken to a rescue place or the pound?

The Mountain Cat said...


Admit it man you have a crush on Jennifer Wilbanks since you bring her up all the time.

Thank you Sassy Mama Bear!

Micky-T said...

Mountain Cat, are you flirting with fire, posting that pic next your name? I'd maybe be afraid if I was you! Ha!
She must of not seen it yet.......

Leighann....HEY, LeighANNNN .....
check out what Mountain Cat did!

sorry, ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am sorry I am not here like I use to be, I sleep more since I got me a job! haha

I have never had an alarm go off at 4 or 5 am EVER!

But yeah I still crush on you and Mt. Cat!!! Yall Rock!

Have a great 4th!