Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 6/26/2008

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-Odd or interesting search not of the week. This is no joke. Someone at the Pentagon in Washington DC actually found our blog by searching "Ass Clown Cereal" This is easily my favorite search ever to find our blog. I had to print off the report to save it for posterity. Ladies and gentleman our tax dollars at work!

-My wife and son are up in NY for a week visiting her folks and going to her cousin's HS graduation. Let me just tell you guys that I really miss them. Yes I love having a little time to myself but after one night it's enough. I wish I was with them. Have fun you guys and just know that I love and miss ya'll and can't wait until ya'll get home.

-Here is an interesting tidbit about George Carlin that you probably won't hear anywhere else. Earlier I posted about my hobby of tracking my one dollar bills by using the currency tracking website Well it seems that the founder and publisher of the website was contacted by George Carlin in 2002 after her found the website by googling himself. He was interested in the concept of money tracking, joined up, and tracked his money just like do. George Carlin was a "Georger" and we shared the same hobby. Kinda cool!

-The 10,000 or so people in NC who have the letter combination 'WTF' as the beginning of their license plates are all being sent a letter saying that they can turn the plate in for free and be issued a new one... Why is this a big deal? Because NC switched over to a new color combination (and an ugly one at that) in January and 'WTF' was the randomly generated very first 3 letter combination to be issued. Yes folks text messaging is taking over the world when the letters 'WTF' can be construed as vulgar on a license plate.

-For those of you who may or may not care reggae singer Sean Kingston was the guest dancer this week on Yo Gabba Gabba.

-I am really wondering why anyone really cares what the hell anyone cares what Don Imus is talking about and saying these days. I mean who cares? Why does it have to be news any time the issue of race comes up? Get over it people. It's not news!! He is getting exactly what he wants when he says and does stuff like this latest thing. It's just Publicity for his show on the farm channel or whatever it's on. Anyone who thinks differently has not followed his career in the past.

-Let me give an official welcome back to NC to my sister who is moving back here from Georgia this weekend. It will certainly be good to be closer to you and my nephews. Welcome back Sis!

-Give this quick article a read. HA! For some reason I find it hilarious that a school would go on lock down because a Ninja was spotted nearby....

-Did anyone else know that JFK airport in New York City was actually called Idewild airport before President Kennedy was assassinated?

-Instead of worrying about Imus how about pointing the finger at real racial things being thrown about in politics these days. Including comments by 'has been' Green party candidate Ralph Nader who in addition to costing Al Gore the Presidency in 2000 has now been saying things like Barack Obama is using "white guilt" to garner votes. "He wants to appeal to white guilt. You appeal to white guilt not by coming on as a black is beautiful, black is powerful. Basically he's coming on as someone who is not going to threaten the white power structure, whether it's corporate or whether it's simply oligarchic. And they love it. Whites just eat it up." He also states that Obama (who is of course Harvard educated) censors himself and "talks white." in order to be electable. Friends and neighbors THAT is the type of racism and race baiting or seeking to use black verses white issues for political gain that we really should be worrying about in this country today. The thing is I don't think that old Ralphie even realizes he is being racist, just as Geraldine Ferraro had no clue what she was talking about and why people were offended at her comments during the primary campaign saying that Obama was advantaged because he was African-American. If you don't understand it either then you just don't get it and a lot of times people who haven't walked a mile in the shoes of someone who is black in America don't and never will.



Dana said...

Doc, you know that you and I share some "commonality" on the racism topic, but I have to say that I believe there is some truth to Nader's comments *gasp* There is a "guilt" issue - I've seen it and heard it quite a bit over recent years. I don't like it, and maybe Nader would have been better served to keep his mouth shut, but ignoring that it is there (whether or not it benefits Obama, I don't know) isn't really constructive either.

Just sayin'

Doc said...

I am sorry Dana but I simply disagree. Ralph Nader is generalizing things about me (us white folk) in this case and things about Obama.
First, He is generalizing how I am going to react based on Obama not coming accross as 'black is beautiful' Why on earth say something like that? Does he not even know that Barack is only "half black" because his mother was white?
Second, he is generalizing that white people can't possibly be voting on the issues but are voting for him specifically because of race (guilt over being white) and the worst part of the quote "whites just eat it up" as if Barack Obama is some sort of circus performer out there to sing and dace and entertain white people. THAT IS OFFENSIVE TO ME
Third, "talking white" - throwing around terms like that just reenforces the obstacles out there that Obama should have already overcome. It's like first he is too black and goes to a church that is too black but now he is too white and even though his mother was once on food stamps HE is the elitist in this race... You just don't say that someone is talking white. Do I talk white? do you? Does my sister "talk black? It makes no sense to say that unless its for one reason.
That reasion is injecting race into the campaign where is does not belong and boils my blood when I hear or read about it.

WNG said...

The more I think about it, the more idiotic his statement is. I'm supporting Obama and have volunteered for his campaign here in VA. I have problems with some of his stances on issues, probably the same ones that Nader has, and when I do I call or email the campaign headquarters where they have people specifically tasked with taking those calls and putting together reports on them for Obama and his chief people. What I don't do is assume that he feels one way or another because of his race (either one) or that he should be acting one way or another because of his race (either one). If Nader had spoken solely about the issues he might have found a much broader audience.
I think what was coming out was his own problems with guilt about race. For him to reduce whites and blacks to monoliths is just stupid. It's beneath him and it's beneath us as Americans.
Or should be.

Doc said...

Ooooooh somone just spotted a ninja behind our building... we better evacuate.

(we evacuate for everything else around here)

Charlene said...

i really enjoyed this post~~i'm going to have to come here more often, i always enjoy your posts

Jay said...

Next time I go to the strip club I'm gonna write down all the serial numbers on all the dollar bills and then go track them using that website.

I also find it quite hilarious that Obama responded to Nader by basically calling Nader an attention whore. hahaha

Leighann said...

I'm actually surprised that Al Sharpton hasn't been more vocal in all of this. Talk about an attention whore.

My husband and I were just talking about racism last night. Remember when "Dog the Bounty Hunter" was ostracized for using 'nigger' in a private phone conversation?

Apparently A&E is bringing the show back in July. We watched an episode last night where he called someone 'white trash'. Now what the fuck is the difference between saying that or the other?

"Nigger" is disgusing and offensive.

"White Trash" is disgusting and offensive.

Why didn't he get his ass booted of the air for that??

Doc said...

I'm actually surprised that Al Sharpton hasn't been more vocal in all of this.

He is too busy trying to get Anderson Cooper to come out of the closet by calling him out on his own TV show... yeesh.

Leighann said...

Anderson Cooper is already out of the closet.

Karen said...

I do see truth in Nader's statement about "talking white". Nader's terminology many not have been well crafted, but you cannot tell me that Obama isn't extremely careful about his image and the way he speaks. All he would he have to do is slip one "Brother" into any statement and it people would be all over his ass. It is naive to think he hasn't been making himself more electable to white people.

The sad fact is that there are people who will never vote for him because he is black. There are people who will vote for simply because he is black. There are people who will vote for him because even though he is black, he "white enough". And there are people who will vote based on the issues without consideration of race. Where majority lies, I don't know. But I wouldn't be surprised it the majority wasn't the last category of people.

My 2 cents anyway.

And I think it is cute that you miss your wife and son. That warmed my heart a bit.

Knight said...

Excellent post today Doc. The topic of racism makes me want to cry. How dare anyone accuse me of having "white guilt". How dare anyone accuse anyone of "talking white" or Black or Purple. Blue maybe. Blue is inappropriate (but funny). Nothing in his statement has anything to do with the issues we are supposed to be voting on. I'm not voting for a race. I'm not voting for a speech pattern.

Maybe I don't know as much about people voting out of guilt because of my location but the whole idea that someone would do that is ridiculous.

Knight said...

If a ninja was dangling from my window right now nobody would even ask him what he was doing.

Doc said...

"Talking white" makes me "See Red"


Doc said...

Maybe I don't know as much about people voting out of guilt because of my location but the whole idea that someone would do that is ridiculous.

I think it has more to do with age than anything. The younger generation (yes people younger than me) just don't see race the way the older generation does.

Doc said... are right on about the people who wouldn't vote for someone on that basis... but I would almost bet you that he doesn't want those peoples support anyway.

WNG said...

I want to be a ninja.

just thought you should all know...

Karen said...

Doc, I agree with you 100% about age being a factor when it comes to viewing race.

The only thing that should scare us is that older people vote more than younger people by an astounding rate.

Let's hope it is not that way this time.

Micky-T said...

Oh, there will be lots more young voters this time around. Gonna break ALL the records!!!
The internet people, the internet has become the new door to politics!!!

Bina said...

They seareched for "Ass Clown Cereal?" Hopefully the don't search for the Tube Steak & Shake!

Hmmm, WTF. Yea, I wouldn't mind having that as MY plate!!!! Or WTFE (Whatthefuckever) which is my favorite saying!

Don Imus? I have no idea what you are talking about. Thank God I don't watch the news.

Oh you poor thing! You are all alone! Get used to it and enjoy yourself. Yea, it's hard, but they'll be home soon enough.

Doc said...

The internet people, the internet has become the new door to politics!!!

...and other things as well.

Dana said...

I do see truth in Nader's statement about "talking white". Nader's terminology many not have been well crafted, but you cannot tell me that Obama isn't extremely careful about his image and the way he speaks.

Oh sure, Karen says it and you're all nice to her *gigglesnort*

Maybe I wasn't making my point clear, because it really was the same thing Karen said. It is naive to think that race does NOT play a factor in this election. Should Nader make sweeping generalizations? Well, it certainly did get us talking about a difficult topic, didn't it? Do ALL white people feel guilt? No, but some do. Does Barack have to walk a fine line (more so than any other candidate before him) on the black/white issue? You bet he does!

I'm not saying that Nader's statement are true for all, but I do believe there is some truth - in some demographics - to what he is saying. I won't vote for him because I take issue with most of hos political positions. I could care less about anything else.

Karen said...

36% of high students surveyed believed Obama's first name is BARACKO.

Let's hope the young people do a little research before hitting the polls. They will be as dangerous as the old people.

Doc said...

36% of high students surveyed believed Obama's first name is BARACKO.

And I spoke with someone a few months ago who actually thought that Obama was an Irish name... Like O'Reiley... No joke! O'Bama


As American as Apple Pie said...

G--let's go to Ninja training camp together.

I don't know who Don Imus is either.

Doc said...

Dana.... you don't agree with any politicians (except the ones who do HNT) ;-)

Doc said...

I don't know who Don Imus is either.

Now theres a surprise....


Dana said...

Dana.... you don't agree with any politicians (except the ones who do HNT) ;-)

Hmmmm ... I'm wondering if I should be offended by that comment or if I should just spank you for saying it!

Micky-T said...

Oy Bama is talking the talk and the kids are beleiving.
Whats it like today to be interested in your future, politics and current affairs?
Oh! Oh! I forgot, and be 20 years old?

These kids have no clue how many have gone to Washington thinking they can make changes that will really turn things around.

Don't you wish we could push the reset button, on our goverment?

I can't argue this kind of stuff, my gut feelings is all I have. And this lame comment.

Micky-T said...

Imus is not real!

Sunshine said...

The WTF license plate thing is the funniest thing I read today.



Robin said...

My son is a camp counselor that dresses like a pirate, do you think that might cause a school to go on lock down?

Pirates always beat Ninjas!

The AbsolutGator said...

Doc, you know I don't agree w/ anyone's support of Barack...and it has nothing to do w/ his color. My problem w/ the way he speaks is that is nothing but motivational cheerleading. I was a trainer in at a previous company, so presenting was something I had to study. His presentation style uses crescendos and well timed pauses to evoke emotion. That is how he is selling himself to America...emotion. We buy on it, and he's shoveling it. Sorry, I can't swallow what smells like s#!t. Todays youth will do more damage electing him into office than the old timers that have the experience of ups and downs in their life. McCain is not my first choice (I'm a conservative, not a Republican), but at least he won't go so far left to make our heads spin. BTW, Barack was in Jax a week ago and inserted race into his speech. "They'll tell you I'm black." No, they won't. It would be political suicide for them to, but go ahead and get your minions to think the Republicans are making it an issue.

Many liberals, like Barack, keep saying we need to be like the Europeans. Since when should we give two squirts of purple piss what they think! Hell, they are actually so sick of their socialist leaders/policies of the past that we now have pro-American leaders in Rome, London, Paris, and Berlin. Its been a long time since that has happened and it is not due to any Democrat, I can tell you that!

So remember, friends don't let friends drink s#!t flavored Obama-juice!

Micky-T said...

friends don't let friends drink s#!t flavored Obama-juice!

I'm liking that comment a lot!

The AbsolutGator said...

I have my moments.

Doc, I found a perfect t-shirt for you. E-mail me the size you wear.

Doc said...

somehow I doubt that I will like this t-shirt

Apple Hubby said...

This presidential race has two good candidates. McCain is a really good American, he is the type of successful hard working man you would expect to be in charge of this hard working country. And he has lots of experience, looootssss of experience, which is good, I mean who else will know what to do if the the South decides to try to secede from the Union, for McCain it's like been there done that. Seriously though, I wish I could have voted for him eight years ago. Obama on the other hand is not so experienced. And he is an elitist, I mean he grew up in Hawaii, Hello. So what if he was poor, it's like Hawaii. And how dare him threaten to try to help some poor schmuck, who probably sits around all day wondering where all the factory jobs went, try to figure out how to afford healthcare, or their mortgage for that matter. I mean why didn't the fool see that all the jobs were moving overseas and go back to college so that they could get a better job? Oh maybe because college is expensive, and someone who can't make ends meet can't stretch that little bit extra. So what does Obama mean to do level the dang playing field? I think we should throw stones at him for even thinking about it. Not to worry, even if he does get elected, the system is full of old politicians whose job it is to make sure that lots of noise, if no actual work, gets made.

Dice Mardell said...

-Did anyone else know that JFK airport in New York City was actually called Idewild airport before President Kennedy was assassinated?

Yep! when I was wondering what to be when I grow up I used to want to be a stewardess so I took some classes and learned all the airport abbreviations. I don't remember Idlewild's - by that time it was already JFK, but that's when I first heard the name.
Hey, if you ever come to SFO or SJC, lemmeknow and I can pick you up!

Also, a fellow "Georger"!!!

The AbsolutGator said...

Apple Hubby,

First, if you want to take issue w/ any of my comments, have the courage of your convictions to point them at me. Don't hide it in a post to Doc.

Second, we lose more jobs annually to higher productivity than to overseas global workforces. Of course liberals will use that information to twist it against corporations too. Your 'leveling' the playing field means giving it to people. I learned a long time ago that when given something, people don't appreciate it. Make them earn it.

The AbsolutGator said...

Apple Hubby,

Before Doc gets his panties in a wad, I was not trying to be confrontational (heaven forbid if I was!). Just merely saying that I'm a big boy and you can take your disagreements up w/ me directly.

(There, now you don't have to send me an e-mail Doc....except for your shirt size!)