Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday Word Game winner

Thank you to all my peeps who weren't hung over or asleep and played Tuesday word game yesterday. This weeks winner was tough to choose as always. Leighann and Lu were on fire as usual. I went back and read and the entry that got me laughing the most was from an anonymous commenter named "Cammy". Now I am pretty sure I know who this person is and think that she would make an excellent blogger because she is certainly "US People" Cammy's comment was the following Brittney Spears based quip:

Odd Louisiana Laws . . . In the town of Kentwood, unless impaired or infirmed, it is illegal to stay in a seated position during the playing of "Oops, I did it Again."

Now like I said, I am only guessing at who this "Cammy" is but I bet that I am right. Please come and get your peach Cammy and please create a blog so you will have some place to display it properly:




Lu' said...

Dag gummit I wanted that thar peach. Congrats Cammy. Now whatcha gonna do? You've got no where to display the goods.

Doc said...

Yep Lu... she has gotta create a bloggy to show off her peach!

Micky-T said...

I thought it was you Lu, playing out of Blogger!
Congrats Cammy!

Cammy said...

It was fixed. ;)

Someone will have to give me remedial "bloggy" lessons. I'm such a newby, I'm not even sure where to display my peach.

Any body wanna "shake my tree."

Doc said...

Congrats Cammy... Of course we can give you bloggy lessons... It's easy. First you need to sign up for a blogger account

BTW how was it fixed?

Oh and to see if my suspicions are correct and you are who I think you are and not someone trying to play games with the annonymous thing what is the nickname that only you would know to call me?

cammy said...

It was fixed because I have the inside track with Meck.

Just kiddin'. Thanks, everyone for the congrats. It is an honor to be chosen for this award. Plus, I can make cobbler.

Doc said...

Well you are welcome. I am glad that you came and participated. You won because you deserve it.. Now you can make a blog and join the fun. I know you see all the fun we have over here.

Dianne said...

I loved that law!! Congrats Cammy!! I would read your blog every day so come on kid. You've got brilliance to share.

Leighann said...

Congrats Cammy, blog for us baby!

Bina said...

I have to admit, Cammy's was pretty darn good!

Sorry I missed it. I was pretty busy yesterday and didn't have a chance!