Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dancing with the Stars--Week 7

Tonight was the 99th Episode of DWTS. Tomorrow they will celebrate 100 with a big bash. Over 30 of past Stars will be back to perform as well as new dances from past winners. I am sooooooo looking forward to seeing Apollo and Juliann dance! Also, the judges will do a recap of their top 8 favorite dances. Tune in tomorrow starting at 8pm EST for the festivities.

My favorite dance of the night, an the judges as well, was Cristian's Mambo. As much as I was upset with him last week for not dropping out, he sure proved himself tonight. Both dances were done one-handed and it was extremely impressive!

I really enjoyed Marissa's Mambo also. I feel like she really gives it her all and gets into the character of the dance. It is fun to watch how her body has changed too. She is really slimming down nicely and has great muscular legs, even if they are short.

I was disappointed with Jason's dances. His Tango was boring and the Samba lacked energy. It definately didn't convey the spirit of Carnivale. I know the Samba is one of the hardest dances but at this point he should have done better.

Mario's Jive was fun but seemed a little uncontrolled, especially at the end. He almost dropped Karina! I just think he lacks the polish of some of the other dancers to be the winner.

I actually missed both of Kristi's dances so if anyone wants to chime in with thoughts of those, I would greatly appreciate it.

Next week is the semi-finals. That means it will be down to 4 couples. The Final will be between the top 3. My pick for elimination this week is Marissa. Much as I hate to see it, I think she is the least favorite.

Sorry I won't be around to comment. I'm on a Field Trip with the littlest Chile to the Zoo. Have fun and I'll try and check in!

--As American as Apple Pie


Doc said...

Have fun at the zoo !!

WomensDaily said...

I was so wrapped up in other stuff that I missed the episode. Blah.

The Mountain Cat said...

I want to see a show called 'Dancing With the Scars'. It will be a dance competition for gang members to resolve their differences instead of using violence.
Al Pacino will be the host and he can introduce all the participants by saying 'Say hello to my lil' friend!'

I smell a hit!

Karen said...

I liked all of the dances last night. So hard to choose.

Enjoy the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Kristi's quick step was great. I loved her samba too but she may have used too much figure skating moves like a sit spin at the end. They probably misjudged in taking advantage of her skating abilities and athleticism too much.

June, Vince's friend.

ZenDenizen said...

So sad to see Mario go, I thought he'd be in the top 2 when I saw him dance the first week.

Marissa in the semi-final, who would've thought?!