Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing with the Stars--Week 7

Tonight was full of surprises! An injury, a fall from grace, fake butts and NFL Monday Night Football all in one show. What more could you ask for in entertainment?

Let's start with the biggest news of the night. Kristi is no longer in 1st place! I never thought it could happen. Apparently the judges really did not like her waltz. She made a good comeback though with the Cha-cha. Len still had his cane up his ass though and only gave it an 8 because he didn't like the Hip-Hop action of it. I thought is was great modern rendition.

I think the next biggest shocker was Marissa being tied for 2nd place. He Tango was very serious and passionate. The judges loved it. She seemed to loose a little bit of that passion in the rumba. It was still very romantic but could have used more sex appeal.

Cristian had an ok first dance but I was very excited to see him Samba. I wanted to see him break out the sexy latin God that is dwelling within. The dance started out pretty good but then something happened. It took a minute to figure it out that he was injured. It seems that he pulled or strained his arm muscle. I felt so bad for him because he was doing well. The judges only gave him a 21 which I felt was unfair.

Mario definately has a strong side and that is the Latin dances. He does much better when he can get jiggy with the moves. The Foxtrot was boring and was scored accordingly. However, the Mambo was pure sexy and Bruno said he had the Devil in his hips.

Shannon was a little stressed out last week. She kept getting chastised for not moving her hips enough. Well, this week she through that in Len's face...literally! She even went so far as to have a little butt padding built into her skirt. The judges really liked her Tango, they felt she put a lot of emotion into it. I felt it was a little pissy. The Mambo was ok, not spectacular but definately better than the past couple of weeks. I think if she had a taller partner she would have an easier time of it.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jason. His Quickstep was full of energy and lively. Had it not been for one little lift, it would have been a perfect score. But...it was the Pas a doble that got me tonight. This was by far the most fun, creative & interesting dance of the night. Who knew that you could dance to the Monday Night Football theme song? If you missed it last night, watch it here.

I was surprised by the way everyone stepped up to the plate this week. I expected to see a lot more gap between dancers. Sadly, I think the Star to go home tomorrow will be Cristian de la Feunte. Due to his injury I think it may be the best thing all around. It could be tight between him and Shannon though.

BTW--Can someone teach me how to upload YouTube vids to the blog? I can only see how to email them.

-As American as Apple Pie


Talisman said...

When you go to YouTube, over on the right near the title it says "Embed" click on it to copy it.

Then start typing your post and when you're at the part where you want the video click over to the "Edit HTML" tab on blogger and scroll down to the end of your typing and paste in the code you copied off YouTube.

I think it sounds more complicated than it really is. If you need some help shoot me an email. chemgeek at chemgeek dot net =-)

Karen said...

I loved Kristy's Cha Cha. I love those fun hip hop-esque dances. I don't care what Len says.

WomensDaily said...

It was a good show last night. That's hysterical that Shannon had butt "implants."

Doc said...

That's hysterical that Shannon had butt "implants."

Maybe thats the reason she is having trouble moving her hips.

As American as Apple Pie said...

Tali--Thanks for the help. I'll try it next week.

Karen--I thought it was great too! It's nice to see things done a different way sometimes.

Womensdaily--Thanks for stopping by! Come visit often, we are loads of fun!

Doc--no, the implants helped her move it more. It gave her confidence.

Lu' said...

I thought the consecutive turns Kristi did into a drop to her partner was great. Marrissa's tango I liked very much. I'm not a fan of Shannons but I think she has come a long, long way from her earlier performances.

Anndi said...

I think it's time for Shannon to go...

Travis said...

Shannon must go. Wagging your phony butt in Len's face is not the same as working the hip action while you're dancing.

Great review!