Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dancing with the Stars--Week 6

This week is the beginning of when the dancers have to learn 2 dances each week. This week the second dance was a group dance that Doc would have loved! The music was "Cotton-Eye Joe" but not once did I see the silly move that Doc sports in the slideshow at the bottom of the blog! :) I always like the group dance because it is really fun and the dancers get to try out lifts for the first time. Next week the judges will be judging both dances that the Stars do.

I think my favorite couple to watch are Shannon and Derek. They have such chemistry that I'm just rooting for them to keep coming back so I can watch their relationship develop. Shannon's rumba was very sensual and told a great story but she still has problems getting her hips to move. Perhaps a good romp in the sack with Derek is the best learning method?

I think the time has come for Marlee to go home. She has been struggling for a few weeks and just doesn't have the capability to acheive the level that the other dancers have. This is not due to ability but due to her deafness. Counting steps can only get you so far. At some point you have to be able to hear the music and the beat to move with it. Her mambo was quite jerky and looked like a struggle for the entirety.

Jason and Edyta are another couple that have great chemistry. The past 2 weeks he has been good but seems to let Edyta have the show, which is entertaining but does not show what he can do. He tried to take more of a role this week but got caught up in the counting and steps and forgot to immerse himself in the dance.

Cristian's foxtrot was fun to watch. I really like the sense of time that the foxtrot evokes. It makes me think of Big Band music when dancing is what people went out and did on a date. I wish I had been a part of that era. Cheryl's big pink feathery things were distracting and annoying though.

She finally did it! Kristi scored a 30 for the jive! I was really looking forward to a fast & high energy dance for her to see if she could pull it off. Carrie Ann gave it a "Hell, Yeah!" Len and Bruno echoed her sentiments and all agreed it was their favorite dance of the season. The heat is on for the others to bring in 30s too.

Marissa and Tony had a great waltz. It was graceful and elegant. Marissa even did a "Death Spiral" which, even though not as good as Priscilla's early in the season, was still impressive. She has been able to pull her score up above Shannon's now.

"Let's get it on", yes, LET's Mario! Ooo, baby, Mario's rumba was hot! Stuffy Len said it was too raunchy but Carrie Ann declared it better than sex. It was good enough to keep him in the number 2 spot this week.

I think next week will be tough to figure out who is going to leave next. It's the week that separates the men from the boys. My pick for this week is Marlee.

-As American as Apple Pie


Lu' said...

Just a quick stop off. I enjoyed last night. I thought Marr' was very good. Kristy was great. Mario was OH MY GOD smokin' WOW.

Doc said...

but not once did I see the silly move that Doc sports in the slideshow at the bottom of the blog!

Yet another reason I don't watch... they can't even do the Cotton Eye Joe right... Yeesh

Real Live Lesbian said...

I never watch that show...but last night, after my recent foray into Tango, I took a gander.

I have no idea how Marlee does as well as she does! I felt so sorry for her. She's giving it her all, but her silence keeps her from the groove.

You leave Cheryl's big pink feathery things alone.

Damn, those girls are hot!

As American as Apple Pie said...

Lu--I totally agree!

Doc--I've never seen that move b4 I met you. I think you made it up!

RLL--I'm amazed by Marlee too. I think she is getting tired of the judges saying how great she does with her disability, though. You could see it on her face. Yeah, I would totally go for any of the girls or guys. I'm equal rights!

lu' said...

Cheryl looks hot in pink. Ah hell she looks hot in any color. I guess the feathes were to add to the floatyness of the dance. They do just that but hers were too much around her upper torso and did distract, if I'm remembering correctly.

Karen said...

It was a great night. I agree Marlee needs to go. I really like Jason. I think he is great for such a big guy. There is something too goody, goody about Kristy.

Travis said...

I'm kind of hoping that Shannon goes this week and Marlee gets one more week. I so enjoyed her in the ballroom style.

Unfortunately I think Marlee will struggle even more trying to learn two dances next week.

Great review!

As American as Apple Pie said...

Lu--I agree, she looks great in everything but the feathers were a bit much.

Karen--Well, Marlee went home. I was getting scared for a moment that Jason was going too. Kudos on the drama DWTS! Kristi IS goody-goody, but she's always been like that.

Travis--Thanks! Come back and visit often. We are kind of crazy but lots of fun! I'm glad Shannon stayed. I want to see more of her and Derek. Next week will be interesting with 2 dances to see who can hack it and who can't.

ZenDenizen said...

It was highly entertaining to see Derek get mad this week!

Damn Mario is hot!