Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 2/21

Stuff I have been thinking about:
-Am I the only one who thinks that as a society we need to come up with a preventative way to decrease the glamour given to these school shootings in the media?
-Last weekend my wife was watching a Lifetime movie called Moment of Truth: Broken Pledges about fraternity hazing. Guess who the guest star was in this movie. Barry Bonds, yep it was him. He played the role of the senator who kept looking the other way and not helping with legislation as fraternity pledges kept dying. I actually found it interesting and watched this for about 45 minutes.
-After playing at the Super Bowl halftime show Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits album sold 65,000 copies in a week and Free Fallin' was the 10th most downloaded song of the week. Behold the power of the NFL.
-The racing was pretty good at Daytona even though my guys stunk it up. I am just glad that a Toyota didn't win the 500. They will get their shot sooner or later.
-This past Saturday night my wife and I helped out the youth group at our church with their Valentines dinner. I ended up cooking steaks for about 60 people on this huge grill. That was a lot of steaks! I didn't hear any complaints so I guess I did ok.
-I heard on the radio that Newark, NJ set a record for the most number of consecutive days without a murder. At first glance that sounds like a pretty good record but I think it's actually very scary that Newark has never gone more than 30 days before without a murder.
-Charlotte was blessed with a huge superstar this past weekend. Comedian Ron White was in town doing a show. Too bad I found out too late and the tickets were sold out... My wife loves him and thinks he is the funniest guy ever.
-This weeks fun blog search fact. Someone from the UK actually found our blog this week by searching for "American Idol tattoo husband face" - That is funny right there.
-Speaking of American Idol; does anyone else think that Danny Noriega is this years version of Sanjaya?
-According to everything I read and hear the runaway favorite for American Idol this year is 17 year old David Archuletta. I don't get it. Yes I think he can sing ok but apparently I am missing where he is the second coming of David Cassidy for this generations young teenage girls.
-My picks for who did the best/worst this week on Idol. For the guys I liked Robbie Currico and Jason Castro... Chakizee, Garrett Haley and Luke Menard were fighting it out for the worst. Among the ladies Kady Malloy was by far the best followed by Asia'h Epperson and Alexandrea Lushington (what kind of last name is Lushington?) The worst were Joanne Borgella and Amy Davis. Feel free to discuss and disagree with me if you like.
-Please pray for me. I am going to spend all weekend as a chaperone for a youth event and have to sleep in a hotel room with 5 teenage boys. Please pray for some semblance of sleep for me. I bet I will have a random thought or two to share after this trip.... YIKES!



The Mountain Cat said...

I don't believe that the Newark murder rate is down at all. There was a similar story line in the show The Wire where there were no murders in Baltimore for a month. Then the cops found out that the drug dealing kingpin was hiding the dead bodies in condemned row houses throughout the city. 22 dead bodies were found.
I bet’cha the Newark thugs are copying that storyline. Good morning everyone. Glad I can uplift your Thursday for ya! Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I love the Youth group where I go, They all tell me that I am to old to be in there, LOL! I am only 18,

Steaks? I would so be there! I am glad that you have a good heart when it comes to youth they need more of us for mentors. I am not into American Idol but I did watch Lushington while flipping the channels, that girl is good!

Lifetime has some good movies on there, and real life heartbreak when it comes to schools, youth and messed up families..

Prayers are going up! You will do fine on the youth trip!

Ahava, Ne.

Doc said...

Mt. Cat - Let me get this straight your idea is that there are murders going on in Newark and the criminals are all getting together to copy a tv show and hide the bodies... RIIIIIIGHT ! LOL

Single - I am not sure how much of a mentor I am being but hey if some of the kids benefit from it I guess thats ok. And all I want is a few hour sleep on Friday and Saturday night....

Dana said...

You might be a redneck if a single blog post mentions NASCAR and Ron White ... not that I would know anything about that ...

Leighann said...

You're absolutely right about the media and school shootings. Living in Illinois I hear about the shooting at NIU at least 42 times a day. It's mentioned in every broadcast AND snippits of the coverage are played over and over again throughout the day.

Let it go so these people can begin the healing process!

Micky-T said...

Glamour givin to the shootings!!!!
How about the election?
More than ever it's feeling like a hollywood show.
It makes me fume inside,the whole damn West is going hollywood.
Got plenty to say, but I'm not so good at getting it out at a keypad poking with my fingers!!!!!!!!

The Mountain Cat said...

Doc, it is too much of a coincidence. The blood is on the hands of Comcast Cable for giving a cable subscription to a known a drug lord in Essex County, New Jersey!

Matt-Man said...

Not a big fan of the Blue Collar Comedy bunch, but Ron White is pretty damn funny. Cheers!!

Karen said...

I also love Ron White. I saw him at Mohegan Sun a few years back. Funny guy.

I haven't watched the Idol's guys yet becuase Big Brother was conflicting and Tivoed both but didn't have a chance yet watch yet. The girls were ok. There were only one or two who were REALLY good. I have to watch the guys before tonight's show.

The Mountain Cat said...

Oh by the way according to The New York Times an 'unnamed source' confirmed that Doc and The Mountain Cat had a torrid love affair with John McCain. This story is false. At least I didn't sleep with John McCain, I cannot speak for Doc. Thank you for all your support.

Doc said...

Dana - Don't think that I am pleading innocent on that one...LOL!

Leighann - Agreed... Thank you!

Mickey - Don't worry a bit... your point comes across

Doc said...

Matt Man - You got me... You caought the Tater.

Karen - If you take of the bottom three guys I think they are better then the ladies this year. There were only 4 of the ladies that had any real spark last night... even if they were all sick

Doc said...

Mt. Cat - Who was the source for that bull crap... Swift boat veterans for truth??

If anyone thinks I ever had anything to do with John McCain they are sorely mistaken. Maybe Rush Limbaugh planted that crap... He dislikes McCain as much as I do.

The Mountain Cat said...

I was misquoted. I once said I liked Don McLean not John McCain. NY Times sons of bithces!

Leighann said...

I can't get into American Idol this year. After the whole Sanjaya fiasco last year, I no longer believe "YOU decide" as Ryan always says.

I really like the chick that sounds like Janis Joplin, but don't know why they put her through. The teeny boppers aren't going to appreciate her style.

The Mama Bear said...

Did my blog on the AI guys yesterday willposting the version for the gals have a point Noriega could be the Sanjaya of the season. Good luck with the chaperone duty, been there done that, survived and we weren't bald by the end of it.

Micky-T said...

60 steaks !!!

Holy Cow Doc !
or do I mean,
A whole cow Doc?

Jay said...

I love comedians. Lewis Black, Dave Attell, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy are my favorites.

I was a little disappointed in the not so sexy outfit choices of the girls last night. Asia'h Epperson really rocked though.

Doc said...

Leighann - I told my wife the exact same thing last night... kids who would like Overmeyer aren't sitting around watching AI.

Penelope - Looking forward to reading your AI boys "review"

Mickey - BWAHAHAHAAAAA !! that coment just made me laugh out loud! Yeah it was at least 60 ribeyes.

Jay - And the one with the most potential (Amy Davis) is probably going home tonight...

Leighann said...

What's that say about us Doc? ;)

Jahooni said...

the girls sucked last night. i plan to only watch the boys.

can you grill me a steak? that sounds yummy and maybe i should share it with Matt-Man ;-)

you are too much. you might be a redneck if nascar and ron white in same post. gosh now that is funny!

nice thoughts doc.

Tink said...

I stopped watching American Idol once all the reject auditions were done. That, to me, is the best part of the entire show. ;)

Doc said...

Leighann - I dunno...

Jahooni - Sure thing next time you are in NC I will grill you a steak (and MattMan too)

Tink - Those are good but my wife and I have a contest (draft) based on teh top 24 so we watch together and talk junk about the singers.

Becky said...

does anyone else think that Danny Noriega is this years version of Sanjaya?

In a word: yes. Yes I do. And I'm horrified.