Friday, February 1, 2008

BobbySocks & Portia

‘Hi BobbySocks. Why so sad?’

‘Portia, I think I finally over did it this time.’

‘Oh no, you finally did it!?’

‘I know, I know. But the temptation was too great.’

‘I warned you not to do it.’

‘Yes but what else was I suppose to do? I couldn't stop thinking about.’

‘Well what did the Doctor tell you?’

‘I didn’t tell the Doctor.’


‘He is the one that did this to me.’

‘What!? Then how did you get the protection.’

‘His assistant, the Nurse. He did the same thing to her, so she knew what to give me.’

‘But didn’t she get rid of hers?’

‘Yes but then he gave her another.’

‘Shut up!’

‘Yeah, she is thinking about getting another one from him too.’

‘Wow. What does her husband think?’

‘He was going to go down and talk to him.’

‘Talk to him? That’s it?’

‘Sure I mean it wasn’t entirely the Doctor’s fault.’

‘Not his fault!? BobbySocks, Come on you are so naïve. He did it to her, twice, and now to you.’

‘Yeah I know but I did ask for it.’

‘Now I am raving mad!’

‘Don't be! I expected this to feel sore afterwards.'

‘I am going to go down there make sure he takes responsibility.’

‘No! No!’

‘My mind is made up. You look horrible and I think it is infected.'

‘ **SOB** ‘

‘I am leaving...BobbySocks now what is the exact address of Doctor Tattoo’s store?’

(The preceding is a spoof and any names to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.)

- The Mountain Cat


Doc said...

Is this something you overheard on the path train this morning?

DirkStar said...

Oh, Dude...

Breaking news at Eddie's house.

The Mountain Cat said...

No BobbySock & Portia are metaphors.

Jay said...

I think I'm confused. LOL ;-)

The Mama Bear said...

So, I am so thinking this is about a visit to the OBGYN, or possibly a therapist...
My mind can really wander if allowed.

Karen said...

I know I'm confused.

Dana said...

I know that I am really, REALLY confused!

Doc said...

Don't look at me... I have read it 10 or 12 times with all sorts of things in mind and I have no idea what the hell he is talking about... Sports analogy? Political anaolgy? social commentary?

I am pretty well stumped....

The Mountain Cat said...

Gee whiz. There aren't metaphors. I was joking.
It means exactly what you think.

Doc said...

Wheew... Ok, So it does mean that Johan Santana is going to sign with the Mets today... I was starting to wonder if I was going crazy....

Jahooni said...

What just happened here?

lost at sea said...

Infected metaphors, is that what this is about?

The Mountain Cat said...

I wanted you to think BobbySock was having the Doctor's baby. But the Doctor is only gave her a tattoo which swelled up. Man alive! Well, I thought it was funny!

Jahooni said...

It's okay TMC, we forgive you.

Patrick's Mom said...

now that you explained it, I'm still confused. You may be too sophisiticated for me! But, I love you anyway. BTW, sucks! LOL!

Jay Cam said...

BobbySocks? how dare you use my name! lol