Sunday, January 20, 2008

Next weeks poll...any ideas?

Does anyone have any good ideas for this coming weeks poll? I thought about "Who do you want to win the Superbowl?" but after today that will pretty much be everybody wanting Green Bay or the Giants whoever wins. I thought about another food poll...but figured I would save that for later on this winter because I have a doozy that will stir up some controversy.

But for now... Please give us some ideas. Post what you think would be a good poll for this week starting tomorrow. Something that will move the needle an generate some discussion.




Jay said...

I was thinking of going with the Super Bowl poll next weekend too. But you're right, everybody outside of Boston will be rooting for the NFC team.

I don't know. You might never top the great condiment debate. LOL ;-)

Doc said...

Jay - The great condiment debate was a classic - but I see that the Cola wars actually got more votes in the poll... Hmmmm - We need to come up with something good.

Come on people help us out!

DirkStar said...

Okay, how about this for a Super Bowl poll with a twist.

"It's never over til the fat lady sings."

Who is your favorite fat lady to sing when the game is over?

Mama Cass? Aretha Franklin? Rosemary Clooney?

C'mon, there are lots of choices...

Dana said...

I'm not sure you'll ever surpass the great Horsey Sauce discussion, but how about, "Do you fold or wad your toilet paper before wiping?"

Doc said...

Dirk - I think I would go with Nell Carter myself. LOL! thanks for the idea.

Dana - Can you imagine the fight between the folders and the wadders? I can just see it now. Of course somone would say somthing like I wad on Wednesday and fold on Friday... Yeesh better stay away from that one...

The Mountain Cat said...

How about what NFL player will most likely get arrested next? I vote for Troy Polamalu on a kiddie rape charge.

Penelope Anne said...

Go Pack!
Hey I live in WI I have to root for them, don't I?

Poll ideas, next politician to drop from the race?

Favorite hot beverage...oh you said no food.
What will Britney's next stupid action be?
Best TV show on right now, considering the Writer's Strike what do we choose? No cable shows either.

Okay...I have done a book review and written a poem today, my brain is seriously fried now, that's all she wrote,

Mama Bear

Betty said...

I give up. Who's playing in the Super Bowl?

Jahooni said...

The PACKERS should have been in the Super Bowl. It was only because NY got an extra dose of LUCKINESS in the game. Obviously New York needs attention that the Lord blessed them for this once.

Okay as for ideas for the next poll.... Wait. And why is the last debate causing such a fuss? Ha!
Dana- Subway Oil & Vinegar is not a salad dressing. It is soooo a condiment. Okay, now that is off my chest...
(can't you tell that I am somewhat in a pissy mude because of the game?!)

When a person sneezes, is YOUR COMMENT either:

1. Bless You
2. God Bless You
3. Cazoondike (miss sp., i know)
4. Are you finished?
5. Are you Okay?

Gosh what else?

Jahooni said...

YES, I SAID MUDE. That is the spelling for a REALLY BAD MOOD!
mude. Arghhh.

The Mountain Cat said...
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The Mountain Cat said...

Let's go Giants!!

Doc said...

We have a winner - Check out todays new poll to be posted around lunchtime today.

DirkStar said...

Go Patriots!