Thursday, December 20, 2007

Arm Training on a Train

This morning I learned a very value lesson of how different the New Jersey PATH train is as compared to the New York City MTA subway.

Sometimes to catch a train before it leaves without me, I would throw one of my appendages, usually a leg or an arm, between the doors as they are closing. Now in New York City I have always had no fear placing my leg between the doors in a 'kicking a soccer ball motion'. One hundred percent of the time the doors will open up and I'd be on my way. But this morning I tried the same thing with the New Jersey PATH train for the very first time only to find out I cannot get away what I used to.

So at 8:00 AM today some wimpy lady stood in front of me while the PATH train doors closed in front of her. She made no effort what-so-ever. I quickly reacted to the left of her like Dennis Rodman going for a rebound. I stretched my left arm between the space of the closing doors.

'Ah ha!', I said to myself. 'This Doggone Train Is Mine!'

One problem, though. The frikin’ doors did not open!!

Now the onlookers on the platform next to me were in horror while the onlookers inside the train were pissed off that I am delaying their train ride. So this went on for about 60 seconds. I then realized this train was going to do one of two things: Wait until I pried my arm out of the door OR leave the station with my arm attached to the train. I assumed the PATH train drive would have given me no quarter. So I struggled to get my wing out while not leave a black rubber door stain on my beige coat.

About 2 seconds after I was free, the train left.

Embarrassed as I was, I shrugged it off and walked to the other end of the platform where there was no one who had witnessed my brush with....well death.

So lesson learned. New Jersey can be tougher than New York. Now I have to see if I can get away with the same thing on the New Jersey buses!


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