Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday, I need one of these

So how is everyone doing this wonderful Friday? I'm doing great so far. For some reason a whole bunch of people decided to take the day off from work. This is just fine with me. There will be less people for me to deal with and I will surely be able to slip out a little bit early.

So since it's apparent that I'm phoning it in today I figured I would do the same with my blog posting and skip a post today. Then I saw this awesome picture below and knew I had to share:

My parents and In-laws keep asking me what I want for Christmas and I say forget the I-Pod I want get me a "Toast Saber" Completely awesome and a quick time saver... Toast is so yummy with a little butter and grape jelly but I don't eat it all that often because I have so little time in the morning. This would solve all those problems. Please somebody get me one of these.

Ok so maybe I still mailed it in a little bit on my blog post, but give me a break. IT'S FRIDAY!!



Paige said...

That is the coolest thing ever. Except for the fact that I can never, ever seem to cut bread even slightly straight. So I'd end up with the craziest toast ever.

Raquel's World said...

It looks cool but I'll bet it works like crap.

Knight said...

I just found out about this invention yesterday. At the same time my boyfriend discovered ice straws and it blew his mind. I was personally impressed on the same blog by a binder clip used to keep beer perfectly stacked in a pyramid in the fridge. Brilliant!

jennifer said...

I would SO make light saber noises when I used that and say "May the toast be with you."

Disaster Chick said...

The Dark Side will continue to draw in more people with cookies rather than toast.

terri said...

I'm not sure that toast saber is going to work so well with the sliced bread that I buy.