Monday, October 18, 2010

My Night at the Speedway

We all had a great time on Friday night at the race from Charlotte Motor Speedway... I just had to share some pictures with you guys:
Here's the four of us at our table for dinner. Great view of the track and everything going on. This is the way to enjoy the race and a nice dinner!
Cup Series practice for Saturday night race was going on so we had to watch. Of course I had to take a picture of pole winner Jeff Gordon.
How good were our seats? So good that Speedway Motorsports owner and multi billionaire Bruton Smith was sitting just above us. (that's him on the right) High class baby!
This piece of prime rib that I ordered was so big I couldn't finish it. AND yes it was melt in your mouth fantastic too! (So was the Crown Royal)

OK so I took a bunch of pictures of the race but they all came out blurry (I assume due to the lighting) but I did get one of Danica's car after the race. That's her in the Go Daddy #7. She didn't do very well.
So as you can see we had a great time. Race car drive Steve Park (who is from my wife's hometown) sat down later at the table next to us. I have to thank my buddy Eric again for taking me. Certainly something every race fan should do at some point.



Raquel's World said...

That food looks so yummy!

Disaster Chick said...

Wow! Were you able to stay there the entire game or do they keep people roating?

I got to check out the Presidential Box at the Kansas Speedway but it was for a tour and nothing was going on. I also go to go where they have school for the driver's kids, press area, garages, and winner's circle.

Four Dinners said...

Now I'm a driving instructor I see that sort of thing every day on our roads.....mainly from my students who seem hell bent on killing me...;-)

Jay said...

vroom, vroom, vroom *left turn* vrooom, vroooooooom, *left turn*

haha .. Looks like a fun time. If I were to go to a NASCAR race, I would want to do the corporate skybox thing too. Or at least watch the race from indoor seating. It's definitely the way to go when going to horse races. That way I don't have to hang out with the riff raff. #snob

Knight said...

All I can think is MEAT.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Jay took my turn left comments

Looks like a blast...a grand way to watch a race