Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It all Starts Today

My very favorite sports teams season kind of unofficially gets under way today and I'm excited. The 2010 Carolina Panthers season starts today when the players report to training camp in Spartanburg SC. It's just the beginning of a long season that unlike any in recent years will feature a lot more changes and a lot of uncertainty. With uncertainty can come optimism. So today I find myself cautiously optimistic. Oh what the heck I will admit it. I'm fired up.... BRING ON FOOTBALL SEASON !!

Is anyone else fired up and ready for football season? Let me know who you pull for High School, College, Pros, All three? i love all three myself but there is just something extra special about the NFL for me. Lemme know who is excited out there that it's almost here. For you NFL fans this time next year there very likely will be no football so lets enjoy this year!



Matt-Man said...

I dig football in general but am partial to College gridiron action. Cheers Doc!!

Darkwulfe said...

I am a long time long suffering Atlanta Falcons fan...Atlanta Braves...Atlanta Hawks...(yeah there is a theme going on here)...but most of all...and above all....I am a University of Georgia football fan...I bleed red and black ya'all! Go Dawgs!!

Becky said...

Not a big football fan, but I will occasionally watch the Heels play on a Sat afternoon if I have nothing else going on. The Superbowl is always a last minute decision.

College basketball is my game.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

NY marriage Ole Miss Football...

BUT, until BASEBALL is over - well it is all about BASEBALL

Kim said...

Chicago Bears fan and not just because I live here, been a fan since a little girl. I blame my brother.

jennifer said...

YES! Oh heck yeah I am ready for some football!!!!!!

!!!!!!! <--- see?

The Alabama Crimson Tide is my college team (do I even have to mention that they are the National Champions? Well yes, of course I do).

The NO Saints are my pro team of choice (hello? Champs as well? Somebody take me to Vegas).

High School football will become a reality for us this year as we have a marching band member now. I have no idea if our team is any good or not but hey! I'm pulling for them so that's lucky, right? HA!

Sorry for the crazy long comment but YOU are the one who mentioned football season :)

Roll Tide!

Doc said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one ready for some football!

(and Jenn it's fine. Comment all you want. LOL)

Mandy said...

It's all about the Gamecocks for me...but who don't know that??

LOVE football season!!

Jeff B said...

I never followed college games until I moved to Oregon. Around here I think they can physically remove you from the state if you don't pull for either the Ducks or the Beavers.

I like the fast paced play of the college games, but I'm still partial to the NFL. I've been a 49ers fan for as long as I can remember.

The glory days of Montana, Rice, Young, etc. made it easy to be a fan. Lately with our blahze roster, especially at the QB position, it's made for some lean years. Good, bad or indifferent they are still the team I pull for every year.

Oh yeah, I'm ready for some football!

Average Chick said...

Football means cold...and traffic.....but the shopping during the games is nice :)