Thursday, June 24, 2010

X-Rated Models?

Many times people have said that models and some actresses are walking skeletons. Well, Eizo (a Japaneses manufacture of computer displays) and Butter (a German Advertising) agency has brought skeletal modeling (link: to life. Is this their way to move girly calendar from the garage into the medical office?
I personally found this to be quite fascinating. Maybe an interest in x-rays started when we stood in line a the local hospital to have our Halloween candy x-rayed. I wasn’t worried, but got to keep the x-ray. I think they did find something in the kid standing in front of me. They said they went to a questionable house.

In the world of Homeland Security and airport safety there is a lot of controversy with the new x-ray machines because someone might see your privates. Makes me wonder if this was done to tell Americans we are crazy, just use the airport machines.

Are these more intriguing to you than the Playboy pictoricals where everything is out there? Phil Plait (link: questioned if these were racy, because there is a hint of skin like with lingerie modeling.
Maybe the best thing to come out of these images is for everyone to realize the stress feet take when wearing stillettos.

-Disaster Chick

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Jay said...

X-rays are freaky, which makes them cool.

I'm not concerned about the x-ray machines at the airports. In fact, I look forward to using one. I plan on standing there and then dancing a bit while yelling "WOOOOOOOOO! Yeah baby!"