Friday, June 4, 2010

Red Dragon

I’m the kind of person that may mention something that I’m interested in or doing in passing. However, I mull it around in my head for quite some time and when I finally decide to do it many are surprised and not sure where I got that crazy idea. Several years ago when the gas prices hiked up I considered getting a motorcycle or scooter. I love the Vespa scooters from Roman Holiday, and I’m a bit of a vintage girl. The Vespa should be perfect for me...

Last May I got my motorcycle license by taking a motorcycle class so I proudly have a “CM” on my license. Last year I never made a commitment to find a bike. I decided I was going to go with a motorcycle over a scooter. But in discussion about the cc’s some told the 650 is powerful enough. Others said no, go with the 900. Agggh….I can’t make up my mind.

Wednesday, I got an email from Vespa with $400-500 off a new scooter. I discovered we had a dealer in Topeka (they keep a few bikes on hand). The one I wanted was sitting on the floor and looks like the one in the above picture. The one in the picture is for sale on e-bay in Vista Cali and was apparently used in a Jonas Brothers video? Because there had been damage in shipping they were willing to give me over $1,000 off. I rode it around their building and had a blast! Looking at the yearly insurance, the monthly payment, and we've had a HUGE oil disaster and this cute scooter gets 70 mpg it was too good to turn down. This little Vespa was going home with me.

They delivered it and I had to take it for a spin. I live on a street that is 2 blocks long located between 6th and 8th Street. I stared going toward 6th street which is a 5 lane and realized it was about 5 PM so that wasn’t going to be a good idea. I turned and was on my way to 8th street which is a 2 way with no painted lines. At 7th Street I had the thought I should turn here, but there was a car waiting on me – I’ll just go to 8th.

I’m stopped at 8th street and about to go but see a car so I wait. I'm thinking this is really nice I can really see the cars. Okay, no traffic at all so I proceed to do a left hand turn. Oh, not I’m going too fast. I think I hit the accelerator when I was trying to hit the break. In front of me is a church with a grassy lawn and all I have to do is jump the curb and miss a street sign. I’m not sure if I just fell over or if there was some sliding into my stop these things happen so quickly. There is no damage to the lawn or the sign. The bike was on top of one leg. I was able to turn the bike off and get it off of me. I walk it over to the church drive way. Two cars are about to leave and I tell them to go on and a lady asks if I’m okay. I said I was. Traffic was clear again so I go home. Along the way the bike keeps dying.

I feel like an idiot. Damage to the bike: glass in right mirror shattered and the check engine light is on so I have to get it back to the dealer. No other physical damage to the bike. Damage to Disaster Chick with injuries most painful to least: Big toe there is a gash in the groove on the right side of the nail with what appears to be three big punctures so it could just be dried blood in the groove (this ruined a pair of dressy Crocs - they do exist); right side of my upper rib cage under my breast is hurting more (hurt slightly the first day or two and it worse today) with deep breaths and when I’m making a significant position change, however, there is no sign of bruising; right thigh has a huge bruise (bigger than my hand) that has been iced quite a bit that had grown a huge goose egg in the time to took me to get to the church driveway; backside of right bicep has some road/grass rash; and left side of back just in the spot that you often see pregnant women putting their hand for support is tender.

The color listed on the dealer key tag says “Red Dragon” although the official color is Dragon Red – I think this Vespa earned itself itself the nickname "Dragon" after our first experience together. It has a total of 4 miles on it. I’m going to ride again. There is a community theater about 2 blocks from my house and there are no major streets to get there, so it looks like that will be where I practice. I’m not going be defeated by a Vespa.

What accidents have you been in that left you feeling like you were stupid? Doesn't have to involve a two wheeler - could be anything - trampoline, walking into a wall, ect. - help me feel like I'm not the only dumb one out here!!!
-Disaster Chick


Doc said...

Have you ever seen the Movie 'Red Dragon'? It's prequal to Silence of the Lambs and in my opinion a much better movie. If you haven't you must see it. I will now think of your scooter accident when I see it.

Disaster Chick said...

I have not seen it. Doesn't that have Julianne Moore as Clarice? Let's just hope it isn't a Christine...

jennifer said...

"I’m not going be defeated by a Vespa." You need that as a bumper sticker.

Sorry you were hurt (glad it wasn't a lot worse). I admire you for being brave enough to purchase the Vespa in the first place.

Dianne said...

I'm glad you weren't hurt badly
Sounds like you just need to adjust to it

I backed into a lamp post in a wide open parking lot with not a single car or person around
I just never saw it

I used to routinely get my heels caught in subway grates and just walk out of my shoes
Once the doors closed and I was left with only one shoe on

I missed a step in a wedding procession and was afraid I was going to tumble over and take out the entire procession like dominoes so I grabbed out wildly and ended up grabbing the crotch area of the usher

need me to go on?
cause I could

having a Vespa accident makes you a super hero :)

Jeff B said...

I had a brand new Camero back in the 80's. Two weeks after I bought it, I was going down a hill, looked away from the road to change the radio station. Looked up to see I was in the gravel NEXT to the road. Took out a iron fence, several small trees and a significant amount of the car.

I still don't remember what song was playing!

Disaster Chick said...

Dianne - wow! I've had stitches on my face three times. Last set was early in the morning on June 1, 2009 and I never have to go to the bathroom at night, but I did at 4 AM. I have a metal canopy bed and hit and got attacked by Mardi Gras beads. 5 stitches by the eyebrow.

I'm thinking I may have to wrap myself in bubble wrap on June 3, 2011 - because the Vespa Incident was June 2, 2010.

Disaster Chick said...

Jeff, my very first car accident I had Crash Test Dummies in the tape deck. Needless to say that band is banned from the car.

Ouch, I'm a fan of muscle cars and that had to have hurt!

Micky-T said...

Good for you, a good choice for transportation. The world has more scooters than you can imagine.
Find a nice secluded big parking lot and practice driving figure eights, stopping fast, stopping in a turn, accelerating fast and just a whole bunch of getting to know your scooter. Couple of hours, without crashing, you'll feel a lot better for it and have the confidence to be safe on your little scooter.

Raquel's World said...

OMG this is sad. I can visualize the whole thing and the visual is funny! Glad your okay.:)