Monday, March 15, 2010

The Tournament Madness is Here!

It's here. It's NCAA tournament time and time for all the fun that comes along with it. To make it a little bit more interesting this year Jay and I decided to host an online tournament pool for all our fellow bloggers. Picks are now available and the first games tip off at noon on Thursday. If you aren't in yet and want to be please e-mail me at docnolz at yahoo dot com. It's free and easy to play but I have to e-mail you an invite. We do have room for plenty more players. If you are already in a couple of relevant notes:

-When making your picks make sure and pick EVERY game of the tournament including the final Four games and the Championship.
-Please enter a tie breaker. The tie breaker is the total final score of the championship game. (Example if you think the final game score will be 52 - 50 then the tie breaker is 102)
-The scoring is pretty simple. For every correct pick in round 1 you get 1 point, Round 2 = 2 points, Round 3 = 4 points, Round four = 8 points etc. The difference between this pool and others is this pool rewards risk taking. In addition to regular scoring you also get bonus points for picking upsets. If you pick a # 12 seed to beat a # 5 seed and they do then you also get 12 point bonus. Of course if they don't win you get nothing.
-Because of the bonus system the best possible score of the different entries will fluctuate. don't worry about this. Keep in mind as the games progress this will change.
-Go ahead and make your picks ASAP. If you want to make changes later you can right up until tip off time at noon on Thursday. This way you won't take a chance on having the scorn that will be an empty bracket.
-If for any reason you can't fill out your bracket please let me know. As the commissioner I have the ability to make your picks for you.
-Please engage in trash talking. It makes the game even more fun. There is a message group message board on the site and most of us are on Twitter and blogger so I am sure you will find a way to talk junk.
-Our budget wasn't huge for this but Jay and I managed to come up with a Super rocking trophy for the winner to post on their blog. This along with bragging rights for the next year ought to make it all worthwhile:

-If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

So fill out your brackets and may the best team win!



Jay said...

Something must be wrong with my bracket. I looked all over and can't find the Arkansas Razorbacks on there anywhere. I thought their 14-18 and losing the last 6 games of the season would be just enough to get them in the tournament. But, I guess not. Not sure what to do now. ;-)

Doc said...


I have mine done... but I am sure I will tinker with it and change my mind several times before Thursday. Then be mad when I changed it and the wrong team wins.

Chandra said...

Oh my gosh I Have to fill mine out ASAP!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk Baby!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Oh no...I'll probably mess this up too! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's only 9 a.m. on the east coast...hurry and send me one. I'll fill it out and submit before noon!

*hoping I'm not too late*

Disaster Chick said...

As KU almuni I must say,

"Rock Chalk, Jayhawk. Go KU!"