Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Random Thoughts 2/18/2010

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-Anyone who watched the Daytona 500 on Sunday has got to agree with me that the pothole that shut down the race for hours at a time has GOT to be the most expensive pothole in the history of the world.

-While we are on NASCAR I have officially had enough of Danica-Mania. OK so she is a good looking woman who can also drive well and she may end up being really good some day. However she is a rookie who admittedly has a little idea of what she is doing in a stock car. Media, please give it a rest. If she looked like Dan Patrick instead you all wouldn't care as much. Seems almost sexist to me.

-I am sure glad that I am never going to be a guest on "The View." Those ladies are ruthless.

-OK, so I have to know and take your opinion into account. Who do you think was hotter, Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie or Samantha from Bewitched?

- I have decided to give up facebook for Lent. I couldn't be as hard core as Matt-Man or Jay in their sacrifices, but Facebook I think is a really good compromise. (I bet a few of you are wishing that I had given up blogging for Lent)

-I am thinking that if I am Taylor Swift's manager and I want her career to keep heading on it's way up that I have her disappear for about 18 months and come back as a more mature singer with a new album, drop the whole teeny bopper shtick and come back as more of a woman and less like a girl. Not Lady Gaga type but you all know what I mean. I mean she's like 19 or 20. She can't sing about being in high school forever.

-I am sure that the blue lines in the snow at the Olympics on the skiing and snowboarding venues are there for a safety reason, but damn are they annoying.

-I am pretty sure that Shaun White's nickname "The Flying Tomato" is the coolest nickname ever. Or at least since "Doc" Gooden.

-After watching the team short rack speedskaing last night I am now convinced more than ever that combined with the cross country snowboarding there is an audience for these winter sports on TV. Seriously if people will watch Flava Flav they will watch short track speedskaing and snowboarding. All they need to do is show these peoples personalities.

Until next week.

(edited to add new picture of Samantha on request from Mrs. D - Even though this wasn't quite how she looked on the show)


Southern Belle said...

I hope Danica makes it big in Nascar, but I agree that if she wasn't hot she would not get all the media coverage.

I am a huge fan of Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie ....she is for sure hotter than Samantha. Her outfit alone is hotter then the house wife clothes Samantha wears.

Doc...I believe you should have given up twitter...but you know my thoughts on that though!

3 Men and a Lady said...

I don't really follow racing but I think Danica Patrick sucks. She's a little bitch anytime things don't go her way and she makes an ass of herself.

I think Jeannie is the ultimate male fanstasy; she is kept in a bottle, she wears a cute little genie outfit, she grants wishes, etc... but Samantha is prettier, IMO. But Jeannie had Major Nelson and he was hot. Love those eyes. I dated a guy that looked like him once.

I agree about Taylor Swift. I honestly don't like her music, it's mediocre and high school lovesick crap, but she could be really great.

3 Men and a Lady said...

Oh, yeah and Jeannie calls him "master". What man wouldn't eat that up? LOL

Matt-Man said...

I am a Jeannie kinda guy, however...if you include Samantha's sister Serena, it's too close too call. I do so dig dark hair. Thanks for the shout out Doc. Cheers!!

Doc said...

Belle - I can't decide betweent eh two of them. I put it up because I heard someone mention it the other day on the radio.

I can't give up Twitter silly... How woudl we get a tweet of the week then?

Mrs. D - Danica does sound whiney but it may just be her voice. She sounded the same way on CSI NY last week.
I think getting called master all the time would get old.. (HA! is she buying it??)

Doc said...

Matt-Man - HA! nice one with the Serena... I wouldn't have thought of that!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I like Samantha with her cute little nose twitch, but the hawt title would go to Jeannie.

I still have not caught even a nano-second of Olympics and I don't care about racing, soooo.....

The Evil Twin is working on a major new product coming soon. Can't talk much about it, but he was approached to design jewelry for a Taylor Swift line! How cool is that? He won't be designing it, but he will be designing the final product after his contact meets with Taylor's people when she gets off this tour.

Doc said...

ETW - That is really cool... Let us know that goes!

Dianne said...

the new pic of Sam looks like it came from an Elvis Presley movie
that clinches it for me
plus Jeannie was just too dumb and obedient

Doc said...

Dianne - gotta hate those obedient women... LOL

Jay said...

I can't stand Danica. Her whole time in open wheel racing she was a complete and total whiny butt. Anytime things went well, she took full credit. But, when they went bad, she blamed everyone else.

Jeanie. Easy choice.

I agree that there would probably be a market for some of these sports outside of the Olympics and X-Games. Short track speed skating could probably set up a pro tour and do pretty well on ESPN. I'm sure it would do as well as beach volleyball does and better than the WNBA. Of course, watching grass grow would get better ratings than the WNBA. ;-)

Paige said...

I'm sorry but a chick who says "as you wish master" and can give you anything you want is just plain awesome!

Doc said...

Jay - Yeah I kind of half stole that thought about the shorttrack from somethign we were tweetign about the other day. more people would watch than poker or probably even horse racing too (other than the triple crown)

Paige - LOL, sounds like you want your own personal Jeannie!

Chandra said...

I agree with you about Danica...she brings alot of it on herself though..I mean did you see those "GoDaddy" commercials?

I think Jeanie is way hotter then see what she wears right?

Nope couldn't give up FB even if I tried!

Shaun White...coolest dude at the Olympics fo'sho'!

Doc said...

Chandra - I think Shaun needs his own group of followers called 'Tomato Heads'

Candice said...

Go Shaun White! He really kicked ass last night!!

Karen said...

I like the all-American good girl think to the half-dressed semi-S&M thing, so I vote Samantha.

I heart the Flying Tomato.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

My sister/hub and nephew were at the Nascar race on Sunday. I can't imagine how much extra $$ people spent on food/junk to keep themselves occupied. Not to mention that it was freezing there!

Micky-T said...

The Flying Tomato is, a very cool nickname.
I'm kinda giving up on Facebook too. I'll peek in and take a look around but I don't have much to say there.

The AbsolutGator said...

Samantha definitely. Not just because of her looks, a knockout for her time, but also because she was smart instead of ditzy.

'The Flying Tomato' is pretty good. But none more fitting than 'The Beercan' for Peter North.

Doc said...

Candice - Shaun is the man... just think he could have just been another stoner on a skateboard if he hadn't switched to snow.

Karen - No throwing water bottles last night Im guessing!

Sara - you are right it was freeeezing cold for Florida!

Doc said...

Mic - No peeking on FB!

Absolut - yeah Darren was the ditz in that house for sure.

Four Dinners said...

I actually tried to watch that Daytona thingy. It seemed ok for a while but I nodded off...sorry...;-)

Only time I had any interest at all in the Winter Olympics was when Britain sent over Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards for the ski jump.

He was so appaulingly bad everyone loved him.

Quite how he avoided killing himself is anyones guess.

Secretia said...

Hi Doc! I think Samantha would win that contest.


TJ said...

Samantha was hotter. Maybe I feel that way though because she can actually clean a house, and I think that is HOT. My husband would be way sexier if he were always cleaning.

Just me... said...

Agree with you on Patrick.. If she were a buck-toothed girl, no one would know who she was..
And why didn't they just slap an orange cone over that hole and tell the drivers "don't run over the cone"? Seems like an easy fix to me...
Samantha, hands down. Intelligence is always sexier..

terri said...

Jeannie always bugged me for some reason. Samantha was way cooler (and I guess in a man's mind... sexier.)