Friday, February 5, 2010

Hitting the High Notes 2/5/10

Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone. Time again for the round up of odd news stories and various other things that I have read recently. The past two Friday's we have had guest posts so it's been a little while. I have also decide to participate in Happy Hour Friday over on RxBambi's blog. Please stop by and pay her a visit for a drink:

OK so here we go:

-First off you really have to check out this video of a British female bobsledder who has a sort of unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. Well I guess depending on your point of view... LOL.

-Tell me if this is a good idea or not? Holiday Inn has decided to start adding a real touch of personal service in it's London hotels. Human Bed warmers. Yes you read that correct. If you don't like climbing into a cold bed then holiday inn will send one of it's staffers to your room dressed head to toe in fleece to lay in your bed to warm it up for you. Yep not making it up. Would you really want someone coming in and warming your bed for you?

-Here is some good news... Burger King is getting ready to start serving beer at some of it's restaurants. I guess they know their target demographics.

-This article will infuriate you. It's about an elementary school teacher arrested for creating a "Fight Club" at his school and encouraging kids as young as 9 to beat each other up. Can you say lawsuit?

-Here is a news story that I just find funny. Wisconsin man arrested for "Rocking out" to John Denver.

-With all the Super Bowl news this week I ran across a little nugget. According to this article we now know who all the strippers at Rick's Cabaret are pulling for in the Super Bowl. Jeremy Shockey and the Saints. I guess Peyton Manning doesn't spend his nights tucking $20s into g-strings.

-One last one here. This one is for the Mt. Cat. It seems as though according to this article that haggis is going to try and make a comeback here in the US where it is banned. I can't think of anything much more gross than sheep's innards stuffed inside it's stomach and served to eat. Mt. Cat on the other hand apparently enjoys this and has eaten it at the restaurant in the article... I say keep the ban.

Until next time keep reading and enjoying the news. Enjoy Happy Hour Friday everyone.



Mandy said...

Human bed warmers? Uh,no thanks...I think I can handle that one myself...I see this leading to all sorts of trouble. "But, honey, it was just part of the service the hotel offered!"

Can you really "rock out" to John Denver??

Fight Club school district is heading for all sorts of trouble.

And, haggis? Not for me, not in this lifetime...

Happy Friday to you, too!

Four Dinners said...

Rather a large derriere methinks...;-)

Now that would be a job for me!!! Bedwarmer!!!! Wonder if the moneys good?

We had a Fight Club at our school in 1972!!!

Rocking out to John Denver? Is that even feasable?

The Scots invented haggis to poison thw world - only way they could ever qualify for The World Cup...


I'm off to Burger King!

jennifer said...

One dollar double cheeseburgers and now beer? My husband will never eat at home again.

So um, people get paid to lay in a stranger's bed? I would love to hear little Timmy tell his teacher what Mommy does. "She works at the Holiday Inn. She hangs out in peoples' beds."

Have a good weekend Doc. WHO DAT!

Kat said...

Eww. Bed warmers. That really grosses me out. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight.

Doesn't everyone rock out to John Denver?


Anonymous said...

So I take it one of the 9 year olds broke the first rule of fight club?

Human bed warmers sound yucky. I don't even like other people to sit on my bed, let alone lie down on it under the covers.

And someone SHOULD be arrested for rocking out to John Denver.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 1st AND 2nd rules. You DO NOT talk about fight club, especially to your moms and dads. LOL.

Chandra said...

Uhm...I would so go for the Holiday Inn bed warmer thing AS LONG as the guys were young & hot with ripped me, I would be as loyal as they come! :)

Christine said...

On the bed warmers thing..Can you specify sex and appearance? If so, I think it is a simply WONDERFUL idea and I am all for it!

The Mountain Cat said...


Shut up. You never tried haggis to say that you won't like. Try it and then say that you don't like it. You are ignorant.



rxBambi said...

Bwhahahaha! These are hysterical! This is the perfect edition to any HHF I could ever ask for. Thanks so much for playing along and for making me LOL! And thanks for the shout-out. You are the BEST. Cheers!

Lu' said...

I kind of like getting in to a cold bed but then I am over 50 hint hint. The only way I'd like them to send in a human bed warmer is, nope wouldn't want it no thank you. Just staying in a hotel bed is bad enough you don't need to be putting strangers in it!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Love the split pants video! I wonder if she stopped to change?

Anonymous said...

Bed warmers i AGREE with Four Dinners.....looks like a fun job if the pay is good. should try anything never know

Don't kids these days have enough problems without adding a fight club?

The Covert Lover said...

I have a sneaky suspicion they've only disguised the "employees" as bedwarmers... I'm sure a lot of business men traveling alone would be happy to have a couple bedwarmers waiting in the room when he gets there and I'm kind of suprised Holiday Inn is the only one who's doig it! ;)

Oh and bobsledding - not funny. Ok maybe a little funny, but that happening to ME at work is one of my reccuring fears. {shudder}

Disaster Chick said...

I'm willing to try haggis, but only from a place that is known to have the best. I like those fiery sausages you can get in gas stations - just don't read what is in them.

They will only roll around in your bed for 5 minutes. It fails to say if they will roll around while you are in bed as well or if you must be outside of the bed.