Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tweet of the Week 1/27/10

It was such a great week on Twitter and a bunch of Award worthy Tweets were tweeted. Tweets by @Jayman3768 , @Dana_Lu , @Kiki_Mo , and @MandyVaughn all were close contenders but one had to win. So Without further adieu let me introduce this weeks winner a fellow blogger KarenSugarpants:
Karen pens a great blog by the same name KarenSugarPants (please visit sometime) that I highly recommend. However that is not the reason she is tweeter of the week. the reason she won was her uncanny ability to get her point across very directly in just one word!

The Following Tweets happened last Saturday morning while I was at the grocery store. Ms. Pants is opining about the fact that she is "retired" from web design and is seeking other employment:

karensugarpants: Watching Sportsnet with my husband & coffee. Retirement means no pants

My response: docnolz: @karensugarpants No pants = no sugar :-(

And the WINNER Less than two minutes later Karensugarpants: @docnolz sugarpantIES!

Yes for this quick wit you win the Doc's Tweet of the week award from YJKOBT. Here you go Karen!

There you go Karen enjoy your award... and everyone keep tweeting and check back next week for the Tweet of the Week!



Christine said...

Well ever since I found out I was dumped via a tweet, I shun the service completely. I will admit that was funny as hell though. :-)

Jay said...

Ha! That was pretty funny.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

okay, i am am following you on twitter...this is going to be good!

Will Shealy said...

I've got a work Twitter, but with exchanges like that, it may be time for a personal account!

Doc said...

I thought it was quite clever myself... Karen really has a great sense of humor. Read (and subscribe to) her blog and you will see.

Ok who is gonna have a classic tweet this next week?


Mandy said...

Funny! Really quick wit! I enjoy these "tweets of the week"...good idea.

Bina said...

I'm more lost than last years Easter Egg. I am completey, totally clueless when it comes to Twitter.