Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Random Thoughts 12-10-2009

Stuff I have been thinking about:

-Miley Cyrus' song "Party in the USA" actually hurts my ears. I used to like her music a little bit but this one almost sounds like it was recorded in a tunnel and then run through a synthesizer or voice changer. she kind of sounds like Max Headroom (remember him?) Gimme Taylor Swift any day.

-What kind of socks do preppy pirates wear? Arrrrrglye.

-Sweet! 10,930 text messages last month... A new record! I want to thank Facebook and Twitter for helping me to achieve this honor... but I bet I can break it next month.

-I am actually a little bit surprised that so many people have voted in the poll that they have artificial trees fro Christmas. I know it's not a large sampling but I figured that more people would prefer "live" or "real" Christmas trees but know the artificial trees are kicking butt in the poll. See that you learn something every day.

- I made the mistake of trying to take my two and a half year old to Concord Mills to do some Christmas shopping on Saturday. I won't do that again.

-Oh Man Butter Rum Life-Savers sure are yummy!

-As much as huge terrible news stories are exactly that, terrible they do tend to captivate and hold our public attention. I know someone who is hoping and praying that something big comes along soon. Tiger Woods. Because I have heard it said that the only person in America glad to see 911 happen was Congressman Gary Condit. Remember him?

-BTW, if you are a celebrity who has a mistress or two and it's gonna come out anyway you might want to just go ahead and get it out in the open while Tiger is hogging the spotlight. Odds are good you won't get as much attention. Just a helpful tip.

-Newly installed Charlotte North Carolina Mayor Anthony Foxx was a classmate of mine at West Charlotte High School. He was a year ahead of me. It's not like I hung out with him or anything but he is a good guy and will be a solid leader for Charlotte. How scary is it that somebody my age is the mayor though?

- Why do they call it a "perm" or "permanent" if you are just going to have to get it re-done in about a month or two?

-Looking forward to getting home this afternoon because my copy of the new Jimmy Buffett album "Buffett Hotel" should be waiting for me. Great album with new songs including a great one called "A lot to drink about." I have heard most of the songs on satellite radio but am really looking forward to listening to it in its entirety.

- Walk to 100 update: So far 15.2 miles down and 84.8 to go. My progress has been slowed by the weather but I am plugging on. I will reach my goal of 100 miles by April the 14th.



Mandy said...

Funny you mention Max Headroom. I was just talking about that last night...

I am hoping to pick up the Buffett CD pretty soon. Glad to hear it's so good, but really, how could it be bad, it's Buffett!

Butter rum, life savers...yum, oh yeah...

As far as your do you even get anything done, at all?

Karen said...

I like Party In The USA. It is catchy. But I love Taylor Swift too.

I am just waiting for the Tiger Woods sex tape. You know it is out there.

I am on a family cell phone plan with my sister. She had over 12,000 texts last month - not count twitter or facebook. Those apps are separate. Insanity!!

Doc said...

Mandy - Great trivia question abotu Max headroom for someone who loves trivia. Do you know how Max got that name?

Karen - Don't you think that Miley's voice sounds funny in that song?

Anonymous said...

Doc….what is going to happen in a couple of years when you have arthritis in your thumbs? You are a brave soul taking your son to Concord Mills this time of year….brave or insane?

Butter Rum Life Saver!!!! Was always my fav when I got the little Christmas Life Saver house in my stocking……remember those? Just have a shot of a Buttery Nibble instead! :)

Get the ear muffs and water proof Jacket out for your walks! Since your wearing Crocs now, you should not be embarrassed to wear ear muffs!

Doc said...

Belle - I do remember those little LifeSavers houses. My Grandmother used to get us one every year... and I have ear muffs but they look silly.

Anonymous said...

They're called permanents b/c they permanently damage you hair, lol.

And I hear you on the mayor thing. Recently a girl I went to high school with and worked with became an ER doctor at our hospital. Yeah, I know anyone can go to school and be a DR, but it's weird that someone I used to make tacos and burritos with for $3.15/hr is now saving lives. And when did we get old enough to do stuff like that??

Four Dinners said...

Max Headroom was classic!

Miley Cyrus? Oh dear....

It takes me a month to text anything...

'How scary is it that somebody my age is the mayor though?' - loads of people my age are dead so Mayor's ok..;-)

"A lot to drink about." sounds like my kida song!

Jay said...

I don't even listen to Miley's music and would NEVER pay for any of it. But, after years of trashing and making fun of Miley I'm actually starting to like her a little bit. Mostly because I hear so many people bitch about her. Anyone that people get pissed off at for almost no reason at all is alright in my book. ;-)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't really enjoy the text messages, but I will resort to it out of boredom.

Doc said...

3Men - Yep that exactly how I feel (and yum taco part time job would have been great!)

Four - I figured you would love that song! Bottoms up!

Jay - I have a funy feeling thats not the only reason you like her...

ETW - Text me when you are bored sometime - LOL!

Lu' said...

I always enjoy reading your random thoughts Doc. I like Miley. Is this the song that goes with the video of her in short shorts? I don't listen to much music any more, but since we have satalite radio in the new ride we listen to bluesville alot.

Wow that may texts, I've created 5 texts EVER.

Doc said...

Lu - you need to get cracking on the texts... (BTW - that 10K is sent and received though.. I get a boatload of texts from twitter. I didn't send 10K texts)

Mandy said...

Yes, I do know how Max Headroom got his name. At least I do now. Thank you, Google.

terri said...

I voted artificial on the tree poll because I do actually have one. I'd rather have a real one, but I don't have a seasonal cleaning staff to hang around and spend all day every day taking care of dropped needles and making sure the tree stand doesn't leak into the carpet. So it's artificial for me.

I had forgotten about those butter rum Life Savers. Best part of that little candy story book they used to sell. (Do they still sell those?)

I probably send about 20 text messages a month. If I had internet on my phone, that number would skyrocket.

Micky-T said...

I'm not a celebrity and
I don't have a mistress.

Should I come out anyway?

jennifer said...

Just. So. Tired. of Tiger... get him off of my TV and talk about the upcoming National Championship game.

Butter Rum Lifesavers are brought to Earth by angels, straight from Heaven :)

Ginger Snaps said...

Doc, I don't know your standing on alcoholic beverages, but have you ever had a copper camel? Mmmm...tastes just like a butter rum life saver only it makes your tummy warm. :)

Kaylen said...

Ugh, Miley Cyrus. I found I did like that song only one time--when I saw it on youtube with some guy doing some amazing sign language interpretation of the song. Otherwise, I can totally do without her.
Ha - you are dead-on about coming out NOW if you are a celebrity. Noone can talk about anything except him. I'm so done with it all. Whatever, he cheated-who cares.....I'm not married to him, why do I care if he sleeps around??

Walk to 100!! I love the idea! I want to do this!

Doc said...

Terri - I think I am gonna go look for those little Lifesaver house things at the store

Mic - You are a celeb here at YJKOBT but I afraid of what you might come out of... so better stay put. LOL!

Jennifer - ROLL TIDE !!

Ginger - My stance is bottoms up but a copper camel just sounds funny.

Kaylen - Well join me on the walk to 100 - or walk to lose 10 pounds which is what its really for... I just have to have some sorta goal ike 100 miles to keep me motivated

Ginger Snaps said...

Ain't nothing funny bout Baileys and butterscotch Schnapps. All delicious goodness.