Monday, December 21, 2009

Contemporary Christmas Songs

I'm taking a week off from the poll due to the holiday week but still figured I would post something. So in the spirit of Christmas I figured I would put a little twist on the typical favorite Christmas music post. There are so many classic Christmas songs from the likes of Bing Crosby and Johny Mathis. That's not what I am looking for here. I want rock and roll or at least more contemporary stuff. Just off the top of my head I came up with a list of my favorites:
(I can't promise that the links work since youtube is blocked at work)

The Eagles - Please Come Home for Christmas

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Billy Squier - Christmas is a Time to Say I love You

Adam Sandler - The Hanukkah Song (Not Christmas obviously but still a great tune)

Josh Groban - O Holy Night

and my favorite:

Barenaked Ladies w/ Sarah McLachlan - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

So tell me what are your favorite rock or more contemporary Christmas songs? Lets make a list!



Tammy said...

Your status on FB on your sidebar came true!

Just heard the Bruce Springstein Santa Claus is Coming to Town that one. I know this is hokey, but the Christmas song that came out in the late 80s about there is no snow in Africa...can't think of the title, but it reminds me of high school or maybe Freshman in college.

Doc said...

Oh yeah... Do They know it's Christmas time at all ?

Good one Tammy, I really like that one too!

Dianne said...

I like the Do They Know It's Christmas song too

all your mentions are great doc although I think Gladys Knight's version of O Holy Night is amazing

Bruce's song came on the car radio the other day and as I was singing along I realized I was speeding - wonder if Highway Patrol would have bought my excuse

Hope sends hugs to Patrick

Paige said...

I like U2's Christmas song from back before Bono realized how cool he was:

And I'm such a sucker for the movie "Love Actually" that I love "All I want for Christmas is You" even though they let Mariah Carey sing it. But I like the version actually in the film best.

Ginger Snaps said...

I'm still going with Erasure She won't be Home. It's my favorite.

Jay said...

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I actually like Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You."

I also like Trans Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller.

Doc said...

Alright, So we add Gladys Knight, Erasure, and Mariah Carey to the list for sure.

Manheim Steamroller counts too... they kind of do their own thing.

I will have to check out U2's Christmas song... not familar with that one. But sure why not!

Anonymous said...

The Trans Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve Sarajevo 2000" is my favorite, which is really their version of "Carol of the Bells". And it is awesome.

The AbsolutGator said...

Twisted Sister's Twisted Christmas jams! You gotta love 'Heavy Metal Christmas'....

On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,
Twelve silver crosses
Eleven black mascaras
Ten pairs of platforms
Nine tattered t-shirts
Eight pentagrams
Seven leather jackets
Six cans of hairspray
Five skull earrings
Four quarts of Jack
Three studded belts
Two pairs of spandex pants
And a tattoo of Ozzy!

I can't wait to play it every Christmas morning.

Doc said...

Ok I am with the Trans-Sibeian orchestra...but

Absolut are you sure that you play that every Christmas?

Joker_SATX said...

Sleighride by Brian Setzer. It rocks the house!

Micky-T said...
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Micky-T said...

My all time favorite is Jethro Tull, "A Christmass Song"
Here it is with the lyrics too.

Doc said...

Hey Joker I am not familiar with that one but I like Brian Setzer from the stray Cats so that goes on the list too.

I will have to check yours out at home Mic... I think I may have heard that one before....

Keep them coming folks!

terri said...

Harry Conick Jr. - (Must Have Been Ol') Santa Claus

Jessica Simpson - Baby It's Cold Outside

Christine said...

I totally LOVE the Hanukkah Song. It cracks me up every time. Hmm, I am going now to search i tunes for it. :-)

Mandy said...

I like Taylor Swift's "Santa Baby", Vanessa Williams "Do You Hear What I Hear" and anyone singing "Mary Did You Know" one of my new faves...

I also really like "Do They Know it's Christmas" but they play it all the time here!

Hilary said...

This one. The Drifters, I believe. :)

Matt-Man said...

Great list Doc. I like most of those you listed. I read your Bowl picks as well. You and I are on the same page on nearly all of them. Cheers!!

The AbsolutGator said...

Doc, I know its only been out for 2 years, but it has been played the last 2 Christmas mornings and will be again this year.

jennifer said...

I love The Eagles song and the Billy Squier song especially.

When I taught dance (many years and 30 pounds ago), I would play "Run run Rudolph" during the holidays. I would put a red nose on the little ballerinas and get them to do leaps across the floor. That is one of my favorite Christmas song related memories.