Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving on the NOFO

Most everyone has heard of Long Island, New York. Most people have some feeling for where it but I dare say that unless you are from the Island your impression of Long Island may what you have heard of the Hamptons. I am here to tell you a little bit about the North Fork or the NOFO as natives refer to it sometimes.
For those who don't know Long Island is huge and very populated. Wikipedia tells me that is had a population of 7,448,618 as of the 2000 census which would have made it the 12th largest state in the country back then and I dare say the population has grown since then. If you take 495 (The Long Island Expressway) east out of New York City all the way to the end you come to a fork in the road. You can choose to go to the South Fork with leads to the Hamptons and ends at Montauk. With it's reputation as a haven for the wealthy and privileged and all that comes with that the Hamptons are what they are. I suggest that you take the North Fork as I will be about this time tomorrow and check out one of the hidden gems of this country.
My wife and her family are proud North Fork natives from Southold NY. Most of the way out the island due north of the Hamptons and situated on the scenic Peconic Bay. Southold and the
surrounding towns are a bit more rural and seem more down to earth than other parts of the island. Natives are proud of that fact and the fast paced life many people think of when they think of New York slows down just a littel bit on the NOFO.
As you can see by the map this area is called the North Fork because it's a peninsula which is surrounded on both sides by water. There is a distinct maritime atmosphere on the NOFO and it's also a big industry there.
The North Fork is also home to some of the best wineries in the United States. They have rolling landscapes and beautiful architecture and host huge parties and bring tourism dollars to the area that is heavily supported by agriculture.
More than any of these things is how I have been welcomed there. The people of the North Fork are very down to earth and friendly. Much like where I am from and are not at all like the stereotypical "New Yorker." I have grown to love this area and although I am a North Carolina native and really never think that I will leave. If I were I think that I have found a place that is as close to my own home as I can find. I am glad that I have family there and will give thanks on Thursday that I will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day there.
If you ever find yourself on Long Island I suggest that you check out the North Fork.



Dana said...

May you and yours have safe travels - enjoy your holiday!

Karen said...

Are your in-laws FROM out there? It is such a vacation home area that I don't think that many people actually live out there.

My ex-boyfriend's family is from Amagansett - which is on the South Fork, if you will. I used to spend almost every summer weekend out there and it is awesome. I haven't been out there much in the colder weather, but I am sure it much, much quieter.

Doc said...

Thank you Dana... I hope yours goes ok too. I know you are going through a bunch but you will be better off for it.

Yeah Karen my in laws are from there. The North Fork isn't as touristy as the South and yes it is much quieter in the winter. I got a chance to visit Ammagansett this past summer and it is flat overrun with vacationers. As a matter of fact we are having some folks from Annagansett get away from there and have Thanksgivng dinner with us on the NOFO!

Doc said...

BTW - I forgot to include this in the post - but we have that NOFO magnet on the back of our truck... LOL!

Southern Belle said...

I will be spending my Thanksgiving on the beach this year in one of my bosses houses (Ocean Front). During the winter there are very few vacationers and mostly locals around on the Island (which is very nice). On Saturday there will be the traditional Ocean Isle Beach parade as well as a flotilla parade!
Gobble Gobble!

Lu' said...

Sounds good Doc. Have a nice T-day.
Lu' from NoCal.

Chandra said...

Being that I live in Kansas I doubt I would ever make it there but would LOVE to go just once in my life to experience New York and the NOFO as the locals call it. I imagine the movie "Something's Gotta Give" when thinking of that area...so beautiful!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the view!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow, it seems really idyllic. Safe travels and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Dianne said...

I love the North Fork
Used to spend a lot of time in a little town called Jamesport

Pindar Vinyard is one of my favorite places

My nieces always loved Greenport

it is a beautiful part of the world

3 Men and a Lady said...

It's weird to think that there is a rural area there at all. So, is this around the place where The Great Gatsby was set? Happy Thanksgiving!

Four Dinners said...


Good grief you're in England after all!!!

Little Hampton (nothing personal), Hampton Wick (don't ask), not to mention http://www.hamptons.org.uk/ who are a rock band over here.

Hampton is quintessentially (is that how you spell it?) English.

You are henceforth an honorary Englishman.

So there....;-)

Anonymous said...

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