Monday, October 27, 2008

Martinsville NASCAR race pictures

Here are those promised pictures I took during last weekend's trip to the race in Martinsville Va:

Here is me with Clint Boyer answering questions in the background

Martin Truex answering questions in the hospitality tent

Jeff Gordon on the mic telling everyone he is going to win
Jeff Gordon up close escaping the tent

Sam Hornish Jr. on the mic

Dale Earnhardt Jr. escaping in the Tahoe. yep that's him in the window

Matt Kenseth signing autographs

Jeff Gordon passing Tony stewart on the track
Hope you enjoy!


Cammy said...

You should have gone to the races in Concord. I heard that Jessica Simpson was singing the National Anthem. :)

As American as Apple Pie said...

Did you get Kenseth's autograph for me?

The Mountain Cat said...

Doc, Was Dick Trickle there?

Karen said...

I am sure those are all really impressive people, and I do know who Jeff Gordon is.

It looks like you had fun.

The Mountain Cat said...

Isn't Jeff Gordon the bald black guy from Sesame Street? Or was his name just Gordon?

Doc said...

You guys are too funny... We had a really good time at the race. Apple Pie was even there even though we weren't sitting together.

Bina said...

Holy Crap! You got that close? Way cool! Glad you had a great time.