Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy schedule this weekend and my quest

This weekend is going to be a busy one at our house. Tomorrow we are going with some friends of ours to the pumpkin farm to take the kids to pick their own pumpkins, we have a birthday party and I am going to try to attend John McCain's rally in Concord. Sunday we are going to Martinsville Virginia to do the only thing there is to do in Martinsville Virginia and that is to attend the NASCAR race as guests of a great sponsor SNAP ON TOOLS. We are going to hospitality and possibly meet and greet with drivers etc. Sounds great huh?

Here is my quest for this weekend. Of all that fun stuff my goal is to get my picture taken with either John McCain or Kevin Harvick. What do you think? Does anyone else have anything fun going on this weekend? What is your weekend quest?



The Mountain Cat said...

I am staying inside my apartment all weekend so I can rewatch & memorize all 5 presidential/vice-presidential debates. Oh and cook a chicken.

Micky-T said...


Questless in Tennessee

Disaster Chick said...

I'm going to be in Stockton, Missouri this weekend. By Sunday at 1 PM Central Time I should be certified for life in open water SCUBA.

I start the day with breakfast at 8 AM then off to the lake where we will do three dives. We will be done about 2 - 3 PM.

Sunday we start off with breakfast at 7 AM then do two dives and will be done about 1 PM.

The water is at 77 degrees and I will have on a really thick wetsuit.

Knight said...

I can promise you I won't be seeing McCain or Nascar races. Maybe a show and some rehearsal time will eat up my weekend.

Karen said...

Sounds like a lot fun. My weekend is going to involve an adult sleepover birthday party at my friend's house. It should be fun times. There is going to be a lesson on pole dancing - for exercise purposes.

Bina said...

My quest is to not kill anyone, not get divorced, and not lock my 13 year old in her room... for life.

As American as Apple Pie said...

My quest was as busy as yours. Sat we went to the NC State Fair and rode rides and ate fried food...yum! Then we went to the TobyMac concert. I considered the Johnny Mac rally but didn't want to waste my brain cells.

Sun I was also at the NASCAR race. Why didn't you come up and see us in the nosebleed section?

Did you get your pics?