Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Top Ten List - September 19th.

Top 10 rejected Vice Presidential candidate choices

10. Martha Stewart
9. Flea
8. Busta Rhymes
7. Hugo Chavez

6. David Hasselhoff
5. Frank Caliendo
4. Bevis
3. Jimmy Hoffa Jr.
2. Kim Kardashian
1. John Mark Karr

Happy Friday.

- Doc & The Mountain Cat

Or how about these two??

The world's smallest man hooked up with the lady with the longest legs.
He Pingping, who is just 74.61cm tall (2ft 5.37in), posed on steps in London's Trafalgar Square with Russian Svetlana Pankratova, whose legs have been measured at 132cm (4ft 3.9in).
That is almost twice his height.
Pingping admitted he was head over heels in love - but not with the lady towering above him.
Pingping, who was born with primordial dwarfism, was thinking as ever of his girlfriend back in Inner Mongolia.


Lu' said...

Also rejected,
Flavor Flav
Jessica Simpson
Geraldo Riverra

Have a great weekend Doc and Mt Cat

Doc said...

10. David Duke
9. Jerry Garcia
8. Charro
7. Doc
6. The Mt. Cat
5. Emeril
4. Harry Anderson
3. Mr. Clean
2. D. Wayne Lukas
1. Sarah Palin (oops!)

Dianne said...

lol Doc!! great #1

I think Jimmy Hoffa Sr. will be found in time for the election.

Bina said...

Brittny Spears
Paris Hilton
Heather Mills! (LOL)

The Mountain Cat said...

***I just added two more names to my list above***

Bina said...

I saw the video of those two, and I can't help to picture her changing his diaper and nursing him.

Wrong, I know! But it just popped in there! UGGGG! Make it stop!!!!

Fortune Cookies said...

I'd so vote for flea!

Fortune Cookies said...

and hey, lay off Jerr-Bear! At least we'd have no war if he were commander in chief ;) and the flag would probably gain a LOT of colors...

Karen said...

Peter Griffin
Vern Troyer

Jay said...

McCain should have picked Bill Belichick. He already knows how to spy on people. ;-)

Other rejected running mates:

Josiah Bartlett
David Palmer
Mackenzie Allen
James Marshall

Micky-T said...

Buba Gump
Cambell Brown
Rin Tin Tin
Jules Verne
Charlie Daniels