Friday, August 8, 2008

Top Ten Numbers

10. 227 (Marla Gibbs rocks)

9. 48 (Doc's favorite number)

8. 47 (The Mountain Cat's favorite number)

7. Bleen (click here for George Carlin's explanation)

6. 99.9% (Like Ivory soap).

5. Charlize Theron (Well isn't she a hot little number?)

4. Fiddy

3. 1/1000th

2. Se7en

1. That Pi symbol you can't find on your keyboard.

Ok, I know this list is lame but I had no better ideas this week. Plus I am on vacation, so sue me!
Happy Friday.

- The Mountain Cat


Sunshine said...

I can't believe you added 227. That's hilarious.

Jay said...


The Mountain Cat said...

Sunshine - Why yes Mrs. Jefferson!

Jay - I can't believe you can be sooo immature to reference the number 69. Why don't you just come up with some fart jokes while you are at it???

Knight said...

Well I was thinking "Hey he forgot 69!" but clearly the mention of it makes you bitter. Sheesh!

How about 8675309?

As American as Apple Pie said...

Ok, you want lame...90210

As American as Apple Pie said...

3--MY fav #. NO, it has nothing to do with Dale.

Bina said...

You're on vacation, AGAIN???

Okay, my favorite #, 9, cause tomorrow's my birthday, but also, 4, which is the number of kids I always wanted and is how many I have!

jennifer said...

17... my birthday is 17 and my anniversary is 17 and my oldest child always seems to be #17 for her class mumber at school.

I like pie. It has it's own symbol?


Hammer said...

My favorite number is schfiftyfive

Karen said...

My favorite number is 84.

Upon my first review of the list, I also noted that 69 was missing. Good move.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Let's see you forget...
a cuppa

leapofaith said...

LOL, Mama!

Mt. Cat - I think it's a good list...why are 47 & 48 yours and Doc's favorite #'s?

My favorite #'s are 2 and 4...or any combo of the two. (22, 24, etc...) Probably cuz my bday is Feb 4th...and they happen to be lucky for me - sometimes. LOL!

Did I mention that it's a BEAUTIFUL day outside and I wanna get outta work already?!?!? I hope you're enjoying the day Kitty Cat! :-P

Doc said...

Hey, Ivory Soap is 99.44 % Trust me...