Friday, August 22, 2008

Plenty O' Doc

Top Ten People that Doc Has Been Mistaken For...

10. Jake Delhomme
(A Quarterback)

9. Shane McMahon

(WWE, Jr.)

8. Forrest Gump

(Founder Bubba Gump, LLC)

7. Reverend Sun Myung Moon

(Bad Moon Rising)

6. Freddie Mercury

(A Rhapsodist)

5. Viktor Krum

(Bulgarian Seeker)

4. William Mapother

(Tom Cruise's cousin)

3. Shaggy


2. Rex Harrison

(♪You can talk to the Mountain Cats♪)

1. James Spader

(Sex, Lies and YJKOBT)

(Ahhh Doc helped me put this list together).

Happy Friday.

- The Mountain Cat


Jay said...

Ron Jeremy?

John Holmes?

Dana said...

At least it was Shaggy and not Scooby!

The Mountain Cat said...


Sorry I forgot Val 'Doc Holliday' Kilmer & Che 'Stadium' Guevara

Sunshine said...

Which of these are you submitting for my Celebrity Lookalike Contest??? Hmmmm???

Doc said...

LOL - I had forgotten about the Shaggy thing!

Off that list the snarky look that Krum is giving probably looks most like me.

I have seen a picture of Che Guevera where he is smiling that looks just like me... LOL!

Bina said...

I was gonna say Doc Holliday!

What about Michael Jackson??

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Or Sean Connery???

leapofaith said...

LMAO at Shaggy!!!!

Hey, TMC...what about the dude you snapped a shot of at the All Star parade? Do we know who he is??

Knight said...

Freddie Mercury? Nice! I think my favorite would have to be Reverend Sun Myung Moon. The resemblance is uncanny.
The only person I was ever seriously mistaken for was Heather Graham. I had a couple follow me down the street with a camera screaming "Roller Girl! Roller Girl!" Stupid tourists.

WNG said...

Oh Doc, you will always be Turtle to me!

As American as Apple Pie said...

I would maybe agree with James Spader (with a haircut), Viktor Krum and Forrest Gump. And I definitely agree with the snarky look comment!

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