Sunday, July 13, 2008

Once a Yankee, Always a Yankee

Bobby Mercer 1946-2008

You will be missed.

- The Mountain Cat


Dianne said...

Lovely tribute Mountain Cat

I had the honor of meeting him at Bobby Mercer Day. The line to shake his hand wrapped around and around and around and he stayed there until everyone got up front.

And with the kids - he spoke to them and answered questions and took pictures.

A class act. One of the greats.

Peaceful journey Bobby.

The Mountain Cat said...

Thanks Dianne, Not many Yankee fans out there today I guess.

Lu' said...

TMC I stopped by yesterday but I am not a sports fan. I was a member of the Dale Earnhardt fan club... Very nice post though. The Yankees sure seem to be a team that has that love 'em or hate 'em thing going on. At least from what I hear in passing.