Monday, July 14, 2008

Things Bouncing Around This Head of Mine - July 14, 2008

- I fell asleep in my parents' pool yesterday afternoon. I am quite red today. Not burnt though. I guess I woke up in time...No that photo is not me. Luckily I slept with my sunglassed off.

- I hung out with fellow blogger Karen and her peeps last night in her Jersey hood. Nice to finally meet'cha Karen...Wow human interaction? I need to try it more.

- I recently received a bottle of Patron Gold Tequila as a gift from a coworker. That bottle is so holy I don't want to drink it. I think I just like staring at it. I have an unopened bottle of Grey Goose Vodka too from a year ago. No occasion has been good enough yet to drink them!

- In fact, I have several bottles of booze in my apartment left over from my trip to Europe two year ago and my last party in September. My next party's theme will have to be a 'Getting Rid of Alcohol Party'.

- I was offered a ticket for Tuesday's All Star Game at Yankee Stadium but I did not have $500 to throw around. However, I will go to the Hall of Fame parade tomorrow afternoon in Manhattan. All the living MLB Hall of Famers will walk down 6th Avenue. I can't wait!

- And as previously mentioned, I went to The DHL FanFest on Saturday. I felt like I died and went to baseball heaven. I got a lot of free stuff. I also had a couple of baseball cards of myself printed up for free. I will have to scan them and post the photos soon.

- I am trying to eat better and lose weight. So I bought a few of those 'Bumble Bee Sensations' for lunch. It contains a small portion of flavored tuna and crackers. I bought Sundried Tomato and Tuna Medley. Yummy.

- However, my crutch this summer are two to four Corona beers when I socialize.

- Doc, I did try your favorite Landshark Beer with lime a couple of times. but I still prefer Corona.

- Budweiser was bought by a Belgian brewery. (story). Yikes the horror! What next a Muslim president??? Eek!

- I am finally bored with downloading music. I still have a list of old tapes and vinyl records that I want to covert to MP3s but I have so much already. I guess I will save it for a winter project.

- My current phone, The Razor, is dying. There may be an iPhone in my future.

- I heard Weird Al Yankovic's parody of the Bare-naked Ladies song 'One Week'. It is called 'Jerry Spring'. Give a listen here. Absolutely hilarious!

- I went to my cousin James' 50th surprise birthday party on Friday....Wait, I meant his surprise 50th birthday party. We don't love him that much to throw him 50 parties!...His family hired a DJ and we hung out in his backyard. The DJ started with a lot of classic rock for the older crowd then morphed into pop and hip-hop for the 20 year olds as the evening progressed. The highlight of the evening was when everyone on the concrete dance floor was shouting 'WHOOOOOO WE'RE HALF WAY THERE! WHOOO-HOOO! LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!' Everyone but my dad who just snarled in protest as he hates all music made after 1956. But I still love you daddy.

- Even my mom was dancing! In fact early in the evening, when 'Highway Star' by Deep Purple was playing, I raised my hands in the devil horn formation above my head as I bopped to the music. I tried to teach my sweet dear mom the proper way to use the devil horns. However, when the DJ played 'Champion' by Kayne West, I saw my mom swaying near the dance floor with her hands raised with devil horns! I pulled her aside and said 'Ah no no mom, devil horns are not used for hip-hop. But you did form the horns correctly.' Later I gave her the devil horn go ahead during AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'. Love ya mom!

- The Mountain Cat


Doc said...

I like Wierd Al and LOVE BNL so I can't wait to hear that parody when I get home.

I am glad you tried Landshark... I even have my dad switched from Corona to it... LOVE that stuff!

You still have that booze left over from Europe? you need to have that party.

BTW - I think my favorite riff of Rock and Roll music of all time is the talk box portion of Livin' on a prayer. Especially from any live version of it... It's "bad ass" as you woudl say.

Knight said...

Those tapes you are talking about wouldn't be Doc's would they?

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, yes and no. YES I do have a couple of Doc's tapes to convert to MP3 but NO those same tapes have been recorded over numerous times. LOL.

Micky-T said...

What's up with you Mountain Cat, these things bouncing around that head of yours seem a little...tame this time round?
You get a little waterlogged in that pool?

Doc said...

You fell asleep IN the pool? How do you fall asleep while you are swimming and not drown?

Doc said...

BTW - Thank you Knight for sticking up for my tapes that are still being held as hostages. I am sure Vin has brainwashed them, erased their contents, waterboarded them and who knows what else. I am sure they have Stockholm syndrome by now.

The Mountain Cat said...

I have felt guilty for not blogging as much lately. But maybe I need to blog less if I don't have great ideas. Hell Kubrick only did 13 films in 40 years. If he did 50 films he'd be less of a genius right? (Vin are you calling yourself a genius?).

Doc, Yes I swallowed 2 gallons of clorine as well.

Jay said...

You got to hang out with Karen? Lucky you!

A bottle of Patron as a gift? Wow! That's a nice gift.

I expect to be invited to the "getting rod of alcohol party!"

Aunt Becky said...

I'm drooling over your Patron. That sounds dirtier than it is.

As American as Apple Pie said...

I wanna come to the "getting rid of the alcohol party" too!

Did you put some Aloe on your sunburn?

The Mountain Cat said...

Jay, yes I met Karen's muses.

Aunt Becky, Glad you didn't say some like draining my Grey Goose. Now that's dirty!

AAAAP, How's blog life on yer own? I put Irish Spring on my reddness.

Open invite to everyone when I have my party.

Karen said...

First of all the thought of your mom rocking out to Bon Jovi with devil horns is the high point of my day so far.

I had fun last night. Thanks for making the trip out to see me. And I am sorry subjected you to so many of my insane friends.

I am totally in for the "get rid of the alcohol party".

The Mountain Cat said...

Karen, Thanks but I think my mommy will be mad at me for critiquing her like Dancing with the Stars!

And you and your friends are normal. It is the rest of the world that is insane! But I am glad I have some more friends in Sopranoland, New Joisey. lol.

Anonymous said...

wooo hoo I would love to meet Karen, seems like she knows how to use have fun!

I am ummm not a big fan of Patron!

I am a Jose kind of gal!!!! But I am willing to try! so I guess I cannot say I am NOT a fan since I have not tried it!!!

And a Bud light chick also!

I am just now really getting into baseball!! If I have to watch it I have to learn about it!! Tho Nascar is my FAV of all time!!!!


Anonymous said...

I got off topic a lil but! blame it on my ADD! lol

Doc said...

LOL @ Ne... This whole blog is off topic so feel free to do so whenever you want!

As American as Apple Pie said...

BLog life on my own is ok. Kinda lonely...I miss the banter. Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks so I've been negligent in my duties. Not going to get much better until the end of the month.

WNG said...

I don't understand. People gave you alcohol, for FREE, and you still have it? It's isn't gone???

Getting rid of the alcohol party...for me, that's every day that ends in Y.

ps Mama Cat can devil horn any music she likes, she gave birth to you ;)

WomensDaily said...

I may just head there tomorrow myself!

Bina said...

Try as I might, I have NOT had time to blog today. I've only been to about three blogs and thought I better stop here before I leave today. I had a LOT of catching up do since I wasn't here last week, but I since this is my fav blog, I wanted you guys to know I'll be here tomorrow, FOR SURE!!!! Not you missed me or anything, but I missed you guys!!!!

Christine said...

The last bottle of Patron I bought ended up being consumed by my 18 year old son and his buddies while playing quarters when I was out of town. They couldn't shoot the Jose Curvo, noooo, even though none of them would have been able to tell the difference.

I guess they can now. Brats.

Micky-T said...

I missed you Bina!!!!!

The AbsolutGator said...

MtCat, I still like Corona better than Landshark matter what Brother Jimmy says!

But, if you want to get better about the weight loss and still imbibe, go w/ Corona Light.

DirkStar said...

Yeah, and DelMonte sold their seafood division to South Korea.

Chaw-wee tuna of sea. You buy now, Yes?

Do we still own anything in our country?

By the by, the good news is someone bought Budweiser. The bad news?

They got paid in American dollars so the deal is really only worth about seven dollars and ninety-five cents...

Matt-Man said...

Drink the Patron, Dammit!! Cheers!!

Bina said...

Save that Tequila for when you retire! It should be really good by then!

Can I come to that party? I can get rid some alcohol pretty quick! But I probably won't remember it.

How cool! Parades and your own baseball cards??? Hmm, that gives me an idea I'll have to share later on.

Our freaking internet won't let me listen to the song, and I LOVE his songs!

The party sounds like it was a blast! There is nothing better than a party where people actually dance! I've been to many receptions and stuff where everyone was afraid to get on the dance floor.

And I LOVE AC/DC. When my oldest daughter was about 4, she would sing along with the music, but with one song she said, "Dirty Deeds, not no cheese!" It was the funniest thing.

monster paperbag said...

"Highway Star". Love that song :).