Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogs on Bikes

Doc inspired me yesterday when he mentioned how no one is paying attention to the Tour de France this year. But have no fear my fair-weather bicycle-ites. There are a few other bicycle tours coming your way this summer that may entertain you.....

The Top Ten Upcoming Bicycle Races:

10. The Dick Van Dyke Look-a-like Bike Hike.
9. The Microsoft Skype & Bike.
8. Tour de Venice
7. Bike, Binge & Purge '08.
6. The Tila Tequila Mount & Bike Invitational.
5. The Freddie Mercury Memorial: (Fat bottomed girls they'll be riding today)

4. Gilligan's 3 Hour Tour. ( ♪ A 3 Hour Tour. A 3 Hour Tour. ♪ )
3. The Skoal/USA-1 Bigfoot Monster 4 x 4 Dirt Bike Fest & Tractor Pull Challenge of Topeka.
2. Bike This & Bike Me Brooklyn!
1. The Tricycle-athlon

Any other biking events?
Happy Friday.

- The Mountain Cat


Doc said...

The Tila Tequila Mount & Bike Invitational

I thought these were supposed to be fake ???

Doc said...

How about the Tour De Afghanistan ?

(It would be politically popular these days)

The Mountain Cat said...

Doc, I think Heather Mills has been replaced by Tila Tequila in YJKOBT-world.

Doc said...

Oh yeah... In a big way. The two new whipping posts on the blog these days are Tila (I'm not Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) Tequila and Amy Wino-house

(even though I did hear on the radio this morning that Heather Mills' own publicist said recently that she deserves everything she gets from the media because she is a downright nasty, rude, and miserable person. With publicists like that who needs enemies?)

WNG said...

I love your pic Mt Cat!
Sorry it took me so long to notice that you and Doc are twins now!!!

Doc said...

Except he is wearing a Yankees hat (which I would never wear) and I am wearing a Mets hat. LOL!

Bina said...

Oh my freaking God MC!!! Your new picture looks JUST LIKE MY BROTHER! I swear, it's true! I'm kinda in shock.

Karen said...

I would totally do a race on bicycle built for two - make the other person do all the work.

runningwildkids said...

The bike races are all over right now. These sound like races I would actually watch!

They are doing in our area a race called Ragbria and they start in Nebraska and end with their wheels in the Mississippi. Kinda corny huh!

Jay said...

There's the Tour de Mexico. It's pretty cool cause very last thing you do is jump the Rio Grande and sneak into the US.

Doc said...

How about the Tour De Siberia ?

Apple Hubby said...

I would ride a bike made for three, but only if it was a DR. Seuss bike and Mike rode on the back. You should really be reading this to Patrick by now.

micky-t said...

Big Billy Bob Baines Bike Bash BBQ Bonanza

Willy Wins Wheels for Wiskey

Gyrating George Goes Galopagus

jennifer said...

The Tour de Franz, where folks bike around to their Franz house, crash on their couches, drink up their beer and eat the good stuff in their fridge, then move on to the next Franz place. Repeat.

Til they are so fat and wasted they can't even ride a bike. Last one biking wins.

jennifer said...

On the opposite side of town from the Freddy Mercury Memorial race...

The Paris Hilton Thumbprint bottomed girls race.

Totally backspaced over half of this comment. Just couldn't get risque at 4 in the afternoon.

Thank me.

Lu' said...

How about Nathan's All American Bike Eat Off. The winner has the ass that "eats" the most of the seat, HA!