Friday, June 6, 2008

What's in a Name?

Ever wonder how some sports teams got their nicknames?
Here are a few that did not last...

The Top Ten Rejected Sports Team Nicknames:
10. The Pensacola Profos.
9. The Mighty Fighting Toad Stools.
8. The Provincetown 69ers.
7. The Malihini Shipwreckers.
6. The Mexican Fence Jumping Beans.
5. The Carolina Cancer.
4. The Louisiana Levee Breakers.
3. The Plano Polygamists.
2. The San Jose Cansecos.

And the Number One Rejected Sports Team Nickname is:

1. The Manila Folders.

Did I miss any folks?
Happy Friday.

- The Mountain Cat


pAT said...


The Mountain Cat said...


The Mountain Cat said...

Slow day *sniff*

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I'm here to speed things up....

1. Oshkosh Orgasms
2. Wisconsin Weiners
3. Green Bay Bombers
4. Milwaukee Moonshiners
5. Chicago Cutlets

Sassy Mama Bear said...

1. Louisiana Laxatives
2. Winnebago Wastewater Wranglers
3. Portland Pimps

Robin said...

If the Manila Folders was rejected, can I use it? What a great name for a team of engineers!

Jay said...

Jacksonville Hijackers

D.C. Bribers

Hollywood Botoxers

Las Vegas Degenerates

Missouri Methmakers

Cleveland Cracksellers

Robin said...

The St. Louis Loo

WNG said...


I'm still pretty excited about last night...

Leighann said...

Ever wonder how some sports teams got their nicknames?

No, I don't.

The Mountain Cat said...

The Illinois Bacon Greasers.

The Mountain Cat said...

Did anyone here about this guy in Charlotte: Jihadist Blog .

He is not getting a Lion Kiss Award from me!

Knight said...

Ha, I'm with Leighann!

Micky-T said...

Knoxville Knockers

Boston Beaners

Brooklyn Bonkers

San Deigo Feigos

Charlotte Harlots

Jersey Jerks

The Mountain Cat said...

Micky-T, Hey who are you calling a Jerk?

Micky-T said...

Key West Kinkos

Tuscaloosa Mypantsaloosa

Winston Salem Malboros

Yuma Gabba Gabbas

Micky-T said...

Mountain cat: You jerk what?

Dianne said...

"Jersey Jerks" LOL I think their training camp is next door.

Have a great weekend all.

The Mountain Cat said...

I live in Jersey. Play nice. :)

I think my partner is crime Doc is off today and enjoying his son's birthday.

Micky-T said...

The Dirty Jerseys

New Jersey Jerseys

Micky-T said...

Norfolk Whatthefolks

The Mountain Cat said...

Well I did pick on Malihini. LOL.

- The Kannapolis PG-13ers.
- The Bagwine Winos.
- The New York Feed Bags.
- The Annikan McFlys.

Karen said...

Vin, you are on fire today! Very funny stuff.

Micky-T said...

The New York Dorks

The Buffalo Bulls

The New York Wiener Steamers

The Mountain Cat said...

Why thank you Karen!

- The Coney Island Kobiashis.
- The Montclair Smiling Through It Allers. whoops! :)

Leighann said...

Tuscaloosa Mypantsaloosa


Micky-T said...

Did anyone here about this guy in Charlotte: Jihadist Blog .

Just went cruising through this guys blog

Cinder-Single said...

The Kentucky Rednecks!!!!

Doc said...

How about the "folders" cross town rival - The Manilla Wafers ?

Lesley said...

The Wasted Warriors
The Unoriginal Aboriginals

umm, I might get myself in trouble with one of those if someone takes it the wrong way...

Dice Mardell said...

Winston-Salem Marlboros



Bina said...

I LOVE "The Plano Ploygamists". That's pretty good. And some of these others are pretty darn good, too!

MickyT, what are you talking about???? Give me a link baby.

The Shark Guys said...

10. The Milwaukee Suppositories

9. The Toronto All-SARS

8. Hawaii Five-Os

7. Brooklyn Hipsters

6. The Laredo Border Jumpers

5. Baltimore Bail Skippers

4. The Random New England University Fightin' Undisclosed Ethnicities

3. The Manhattan Corporate Raiders

2. The Fort Lauderdale 401Ks

1. The Florida/Louisiana/Illinois Mountaineers

The Shark Guys said...

Runners Up:

The Toronto Heat
The Alaska Marlins
The Las Vegas Saints
The Salt Lake City Brewers