Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday Word game winner 6/18

Thank you to everyone who participated in Tuesday word game. I guess you could say that it turned out to be kind of gross. Sorry for that but I guess it happens sometimes. Including this weeks winner from my buddy MickyT who of course writes MalihiniTennessee. Micky was actually kind enough to issue a warning before penning the following winning entry:

!!!!WARNING!!!!...Police say the oddest fetish they have seen is people saving their boogers through the week, lightly baking and drying them before putting them into the pepper grinder.
I know... EWWWWW ! however very funny. Congrats (I think) Mic, please come and accept your Peach:

Next week I will try and keep it less gross....LOL.



Dana said...

Congratulations Micky!! Although I think this one may have been worthy of the rotting, moldy peach ...

Dianne said...

I missed all the fun. Damn clients and my need to talk to them for money.

No not phone sex.

anyway - Congrats Micky!!

and you cleared up a childhood mystery for me. my brother always stuck his boogers under the mattress and my mother's cooking always tasted odd.

Micky-T said...

OK, Thank You, I will accept it, but I must say I am surprised that it wasn't a rotten peach as Dana suggested.
[truth]- last night I re-read all my comments of the last couple of days and thought maybe I should pull a Jahooni and take a week or two off.
Thanks again, I'll still keep it proudly!

Matt-Man said...

Yay for the Micster. Cheers!!

Bina said...

Yea gross, but it was VERY funny, as most of them were. Congrats!

Leighann said...

Man, remind me never to use pepper while dining at Micky's house!!

Congrats Micky!!

Doc said...

yeah... I won't use the pepper at Mic's house either... YUCK!!


Micky-T said...

Just for the record, I never use pepper!
By the way, I have a great story of a lovely lady sniffing my armpits. [truth]