Friday, June 13, 2008

To TV or Not To TV?

It seems like there are a lot of crappy shows on TV nowadays. Believe or not, there are several more that got rejected. Here are ten of 'em.

Top Ten Rejected TV Pilots

10. Tony Stewart Living
9. Who is America's Next Pedophile?
8. Justifiable Homicide. Next episode: A woman shoots her husband and is acquitted.
7. The Bluntstones. They're a modern stoned family.
6. Name That Smell
5. The Late Show starring William Hung
4. Taxation Island
3. CSI: Kannapolis
2. Law & Order & Star & Trek: Special Deep Victims Space Unit

And the number one Rejected TV Pilots is....

1. Baghdad, R.F.D. (aka: The Iraqford Files)

Any more that I forgot?

Happy Friday.
- The Mountain Cat


Jay said...

Law & Order: Parking Ticket Enforcement

Gracious Living with Paris Hilton

The Mountain Cat said...

- The Lifestyles of the Rich & Gasless.

- Survivor: Bagwine

- Everyone Loves Mahmoud

- The Man from A.N.G.E.L.I.N.A.

Doc said...

Family Freud

The Mountain Cat said...

- Compton 90220.

- Beverly Hills Street Blues.

- Beverly Hillbilies Street Blues

- Hillary Clinton Blues.

- Munch

Doc said...

America's next top dogfighter

The Mountain Cat said...

The theme song for CSI: Kannapolis will be 'I Can't Explain! ROTFL!!!

Robin said...

"Listen, Did you smell that?"

The Mountain Cat said...

Who is 'The Moil'?

Doc said...

Big Brother IX - Inside a convent

Leighann said...

When Mountain Cat's attack!

Leighann said...

Nuns Gone Wild

Leighann said...

Transvestite Idol -- Hosted by Linda Hogan

Leighann said...

Johy Mayer Sing-a-long Hour!

The Mountain Cat said...

- My Mother the Environmentall Safe Hybrid Car

- The Sopranos spinoff: 'Paulie Walnuts'. A half hour sitcom.

- Havana Montana.

The Mountain Cat said...

- 'Clip/Cut'. A drama about a moil in Beverly Hills.

- 'Fiends'

The Mountain Cat said...

- Snakes on a Couch

- Swiss Family Manson

- My Three Dads

The Mountain Cat said...

- Potsie

- Joanie Loves Ralph Mouth

- The Brady Bitches

- America's Funniest Home Sex Videos

- Titanic: The Series

- Walker, Texas Branch Davidian

Jahooni said...

It's sad but I see all of these being Top 10 in the near future. I mean I just saw yesterday that they are having a show "World's Greatest Dog", how sad is that? poor actors are starving people!!!

The Mountain Cat said...

The Michael Richards' Minstrel Hour.

The Mountain Cat said...

Jahoooooooni & The Bear

Karen said...

survivor Bagwine killed me! LOL

America Next Top Barfly.

Jahooni said...

I would so audition for the Next Top Barfly! That is FUNNY...

Micky-T said...


The LOL News Hour

The Tomorrow Show

Meat The Press


Dick Dammed Dyke

Eight Isn't Enough

The Tennessee Squirts

Mayberry BFD

Micky-T said...

The Prizeless Game Show [Ha]

That Price Ain't Right

Who Wants To Be A Dick

The Wheel Of Coruption

Dollywood Squares

The Mountain Cat said...

Micky-T, Tim Russert just died today :(

Micky-T said...


"Tim Russert" of Meet The Press,
has just died!


Everyone should read his book about him and his dad, it's called
"Big Russ".

Micky-T said...

Thanks MC Damn, I'm going to miss him on Sunday!!!!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

#10 actually made me laugh out loud!


Karen said...

Did he have a heart attack or something? Pretty shocking.

The Mountain Cat said...

Karen, He died of a heart attack in DC. He was one of those nice guy TV personalities.

Karen said...

I just snuck in and put on MSNBC. Sad, sad story.

The Mountain Cat said...

And the sportscaster Charlie Jones just died!

Tink said...

Bwahahaha. The comments are almost as funny as the post! I'd probably be good on "Name That Smell". But the prizes would have to be damn good.

Micky-T said...

Tink: They don't give prizes out here anymore. [kkkhint, kkkhint]

Anonymous said...

Who is America's Next Pedophile?

I loved this one!!! haha!

How are you all, I am working now and don't get to stop by alday!! haha!! many many times a day!

Miss yall!

Lu' said...

Dollar Days of Our Lives
Ozzie and Harry
Left It In The Beaver
Not So Happy Days

Phfrankie Bondo said...

"Left It In The Beaver" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Shark Guys said...

10. Balls to the Wall (hosted by Jesse Jackson)

9. Hopkins Pre-Med (24/7 behind the scenes documentary as students hunt down reference letters for their college applications)

8. Rock Hudson of Love (closeted, anonymous guys hunt for Mr Right)

7. The Committed Bachelor (see above)

6. Chat from Beyond the Grave (with Tim Russert)

5. CSI: Geneva (Swiss Gendarmes focus on 2 unsolved murders nationwide, dating back to 87)

4. America's Next Top Cover Band

3. America's Next Top Prop Comic

2. Unfunny Beer-Swilling Fat Guy with an Attractive Wife

1. Friends of Friends (spin-off, featuring the 'dumb one'