Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Random Thoughts 6/19/2008

Stuff I have been thinking about:

- I heard about this guy Chris Colson who lost over 90 pounds eating just McDonald's food two times a day... Now I am not saying this guy is lying but it does seem a bit far fetched to me. Supposedly he was supposed to be on Good Morning America today. I bet he ends up being the Jared Fogle of Micky D's

-I have a little celebration of sorts to let you guys know about. Today, June 19, 2008 makes one year to the day since I had my last cigarette. I quit due to the inspiration of my son and am so glad that I did.

-We are thinking about installing invisible fencing in our backyard to contain our black lab so he is not having to run around on a leash. Has anyone else had good (or bad) experiences with invisible fencing?

-Odd or interesting search note of the week: Someone from Kingston, Jamaica found our blog by searching, "I want to know how to freestyles dancing apple jacks"... Huh ???? Nope I am not kidding.

-I am sorry but I just don't get MMA or Ultimate fighting championship.

-I had TGI Friday's "chimichurri sliders" for lunch yesterday. They are mini cheeseburgers with garlic herb topping on them. Let me tell you this... They are FANTASTIC! I highly recommend them. Plus they were inexpensive too.

-I heard Paul Simon's "You can call me Al" on the radio the other day. I love that song even though I never really got the meaning of the song. I hadn't heard it in a while and it made me think of that silly video with Chevy Chase. Remember that?

-Odd or interesting search note of the week #2. We have been getting a bunch of hits and visitors based on my new commercial crush Stephanie Courtney. Thank you to everyone who seems to like her. However one particular one stood out. Someone from ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut found our blog searching for Stephanie Courtney naked. Uhhh aren't you guys supposed to be reporting on sports?

-Those of you who know me understand that I really get into politics. I even majored in political science in college. This past Friday one of "my guys" Tim Russert passed away while preparing for his weekly broadcast of Meet the Press. Since then I have learned much more about his personal and family side concerning how great he was outside of his reporting on NBC. This makes me respect him even more. I will miss you Tim but not nearly as much as your friends and family will. yesterday I watched and was moved by much of the coverage from his memorial service. At the end his friend and favorite musician Bruce Springsteen came on live via satellite from Europe and dedicated then sang "Thunder Road" to Tim's memory and his son Luke. I will never listen to that song the same way again. Very moving.



Leighann said...

I was impressed with how NBC covered Tim's life/death/funeral. He was a staple of NBC and will surely be missed a great deal.

An email group that I belong to had a few members complaining that they spend too much time on him, which I found to be terribly disrespectful.

Leighann said...

LOVE Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" but then again, I can't think of anything that Paul Simon had a hand in, that I don't care for.

Doc I'm sort of ashamed of you and your commercial crush. Ever since you mentioned her I've been seeing those damn ads over and over again. She annoys me.

Doc said...

ashamed of me because of Flo ???? Get outta here....

Dana said...

The loss of Tim Russert is HUGE in many, many ways. He will be missed!

Leighann said...

I suppose if she never opened up her mouth to speak, she might be alright.

By the way, congrats on being 1 year smoke free!

Knight said...

Congrats on the whole tobacco free thing. It will be great for you and your kid.

Flo naked? Eww.

WNG said...

Doc - I'm down to two a day, which makes everyone scream, "Then why not just quit?!?" but it's hard. I will, however have quit by my 30th birthday. It is a longstanding promise I made to myself. So less than one year to go and I'm working on it.

Random Thought for you: June 19th is a holiday form many Black people called Juneteenth. It's the anniversary of the day that Union soldiers reached Texas with the news of the Emancipation Proclamation. First the anniversary was marked only in Texas and then, as people moved it spread. Now there are Juneteenth celebrations across the country :)

Doc said...

Yeah... quitting was hard the first week but it has been fine since then.

Karen said...

I am also upset about the death of Tim Russert. It just seems crazy and senseless.

Doc, quitting smoking is HUGE. Congrats. I have been struggling with it for several months. I go 5 or 6 days and then I fold. It sucks. But I am down to about 2 packs a week.

And I love UFC. Tito Ortiz is my man.

Doc said...

I never heard of that Juneteenth before... Hmmmm cool!

Knight said...

I have been thinking about the Micky D diet and I have a feeling if I just stuck to all the salads and crap like that I would probably only gain about 50 lbs in the first year. I could also try the Kibble diet for a year. It's similar in flavor but my hair would be healthier.

The Mountain Cat said...

Doc, You don't smoke but you still don't like coffee. Nor hockey. Nor The Family Guy. How are we still friends?

Jay said...

I thought the ESPN people spent all their time searching for "Erin Andrews naked."

Congrats on the one year without cigs dude. That's very impressive!

I don't get the appeal of MMA or UFC either.

One day last year I was up visiting my sister and I agreed to walk her dog one morning. We were walking along when I saw this HUGE black lab running right towards us through a yard. So, I reached down and grabbed Cosette cause I didn't know what that lab's intentions were and started to back up.

Just as the lab got to the edge of the yard he stopped as if he had hit a brick wall. The invisible fence worked perfectly! I was really impressed.

Well, I was impressed and then I proceeded to tease the lab mercilessly for a few minutes. I even held Cosette out towards him and said "What? You want some of this? Too bad big guy! You got stopped by a wittle-bittie invisible fence you pussy! na-na-na pffffffffft

Yes, I am very immature. Why do you ask?

Doc said...

LOL @ Knights Kibble diet.

Doc, You don't smoke but you still don't like coffee. Nor hockey. Nor The Family Guy. How are we still friends?

I don't know... heck I guess I don't like you anymore :p

Jay... that is too funny !

Karen said...

Jay - that is evil! Funny, but evil

Miss Merry Sunshine said...

Congrats on no smoking! I am like WNG and hang on to the habit with 2 a day. Well except when I'm drinking and then (vomit) I have been known to clear a pack in a night. Beer and cigs just go so well together! You are a stonger person than me!

As American as Apple Pie said...

Congrats on the anniversary Doc!

I am a Paul Simon fan too. Grew up listening to that and Neil Diamond. Oh, and Kenny Rogers and the Oak Ridge Boys. And Anne Murray. Good times.

I still don't really know what these commercials are. I know, I live in a hole.

Everyone I know who has invisible fencing loves it. It's the only way I would ever have a dog. I hate kennels.

Cinder-Single said...

Congrats on your NON smoking Anniversary!! That is sooooo Awesome!!

I have never heard nor saw those commercial until I came here!! I wonder if they come on Lifetime or Oxygen? I dunno!! anywayssssssss

Mc D's makes me vomit most of the time so i guess I WILL loose weight if I ate there everyday!! lol!

Have a great day Gang!!


Dianne said...

I love that Paul Simon song too!! that and the one "me and Julio down by the schoolyard" - what's the name of that one?

I saw Simon & Garfunkel live a few times. man they were something.

I'll never hear Thunder Road without thinking of Timmy.

Jeff B said...

Way to go on being smoke free.

We tried the invisible fence with our yellow lab, but she would go right up to the edge of it and lay there twitching from the electrical zap. It got dismantled as fast as it got installed.

The AbsolutGator said...


Great job kicking the habit for a year!

What don't you get about MMA? I'll agree some of the organizations out there aren't that good. EliteXC (the outfit that signed Kimbo Slice) sucks. WEC has some good fighters, but UFC has the best. You have to know more than boxing; it truly defines combat sports (well, at least w/o weapons anyway). I like the Ultimate Fighter show and have been having UFC parties for the PPVs. The one coming up 7/5 should be great. Griffin vs. Rampage....good matchup.

BTW, can't go w/ ya on your new commercial crush. She reminds me of a thin, dark-haired version of Mimi from the Drew Carey show.

Patrick's Mommy said...

I'm with absolute about the crush:) She's not even a red head! I am so proud of your 1 year smoke free (so is little man). Just think of what could happen if you had to slip out for a butt....he'd escape:)
I love you!!!!!

Micky-T said...

Good job on the quiting Doc.

The fence is a good thing for your dog as long as you have the space. My brother has one, and some friends had one, nothing but good. Don't forget to take the collar off when you take the dog in the car! Unless you never want him to get in the car again!

Tim Russert passing put a big hole in our hearts this weekend. It was a bit weepy. We really loved the man who brought "politics for dummys" to the table every week. And how about that guy Luke!!!!!!

leapofaith said...

Congrats, Doc!!!!! Quitting is awesome...definitely an achievement! My first anniversary will be Oct 6th...feels so good to be free! Not to mention the cost of cigarettes these days...who can afford them AND gas?!?!?

(Although, I will admit that I do still miss it from time to time...)