Thursday, May 8, 2008

That's my boy

Derek Jeter is known as a player in every sense of the word, and Maxim's upcoming Hot 100 list reflects that sentiment.

The magazine told amNewYork exclusively that six members of the Jeter exes club have made the annual list, which hits newsstands May 20.

The sexy ladies are Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, Vanessa Minnillo, Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba.

Johansson and Biel land somewhere in the top 10, though Maxim wouldn't give any more specifics.

Nowadays most of these gals are way past their old Yankee flame.

Case in point: Johansson and actor Ryan Reynolds announced their engagement Monday (and Johansson showed off her rock of a ring that night at the Costume Institute gala), Alba is pregnant with fiance Cash Warren's baby, Carey just tied the knot with singer Nick Cannon (and the list of romances goes on).

Well, that leaves plenty of room for new members in Jeter's club.

---By Julie Gordon of amNew York


Yeah I dated Mariah too. She's loco. I can understand why Derek dumped her. - TMC


Anonymous said...

UGGGG Mariah Carey is sicking, I cannot stand her at all.. and as for the marriage.. YUK!!! How old is NICK? I am going to go and so come research...

Jeter,he gots it going on!!! LOVE HIM!! I am gonna see if I can get a date! Ya think I have a Chance? LOL!!

I guess everyone needs a piece of happiness.. Even that Mental piece of Work like Mariah!!


WNG said...

Suuuuuuuuuure you did. Uh huh :)

Ok, she is crazy (and the Nick Cannon thing is a little sick) but I just don't get what the rest of them saw in him! He's a Yankee with lots of money - ok, but if he wasn't and you saw him on the street would you look twice?

I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I think I would! To me he is still a lil hottie!!! YEP!! I would date him like right now!!! Ya got that right that Nick think makes me sick!!! she needs some press time.. let see if they work!! I wish them the best!

Oh and I meant to type Sickening!! Sorry I cannot type right!!!

Karen said...

I have never found Jeter to be so sexy. He is a nice, charitable, friendly, rich guy - but I don't think he is datable.

I am a good New York girl. I am saving myself for Scotty Gomez.

Doc said...

Jose Reyes is a better baseball player.

The Mountain Cat said...


I have nine words for you:
You just go ahead and keep on believing that.

Matt-Man said...

My sister-in-law's daughter went out with him twice. My brush with fame. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Mt CAT!!!You all have put a smile on my face today, in the middle of the boring class I am in!!

I have found it nessacery to ummm Read blogs instead of taking notes on my laptop! Hey tomorrow is my last day.. Hope there is not a pop quiz in here!!!

Jeters is still HOT to me!!! I am all over that!
MT. You dated Mariah, and would not even let me take you for lunch? ***GASPS**** I am so getting ready to be 19.. I am legal!! lol

The Mountain Cat said...

I am glad I can brighten your day.

I have pictures to prove it ;-) Mariah is too immature for me any way. Not my type.

you still like Scotty Gomez now that he is a Ranger?

Did Jeter stay at the Bagwine Hilton?

As American as Apple Pie said...

I have basically no idea who any of you all are talking about. I know they are baseball players but that's it. I DO know who Mariah is!

Jay said...

Mariah is 100% insane. That's part of what makes her so hot. ;-)

Jeter is okay, I guess. haha

WNG said...

Whatever Jay - you know you'd date him in a second. Papa G is a Mets fan and I'm not risking life and limb over Jeter, so Cinder I wish you luck - Go For It!

I'm waiting for those pictures Doc...

WNG said...

Oops! TMC - either way still waiting on the pics!

Knight said...

I think Jeter is kind of creepy looking. I have never understood why the ladies love him.

Anndi said...

If it wasn't for his millions, no woman would actually cross the street to get close to him. He looks average.