Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things Bouncing Around This Head of Mine - 3/26/08

- Doesn’t new New York Major David Patterson look like the lead signer of the ’80 R & B band Cameo? All he needs is a flat top. Word Up!

- I went to the dentist and the optometrist yesterday. No more candy for me for a while. Eye candy or otherwise.
- In the Manhattan subways there are a lot of guys selling the illegal bootleg DVDs and then pack up and run when the police come. Well I wonder if there are any guys in the city who do that with Girl Scout Cookies. ‘Yo buy your Girl Scout Cookies here. They sell to you for two dollars, but I have a whole box here for 1 dollar. Oh shoot the cop, let’s run!’
- The TV commercial for Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein on Broadway shows the same scenes from the movie but less funny than they were in the movie. So what is my motivation to go see it?? Broadway has definitely jumped the shark. Broadway has run out of their own ideas. Stay tuned for Spaceballs the Musical in 2009 I guess.

- My hands really hurt from typing on the computer all day. I asked my doctor if I suffer from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. He said no not to worry it is only Carpel Extension Bridge Syndrome which is not that bad. Phew, thank God for that.

- Every time I see a police man or a police car I stop to think if I am doing anything wrong or illegal. After about 5 seconds, I realize that I am not and continue walking or driving...Most of the time anyway.

- What ever happened to Youppi after the Montréal Expos moved to Washington? I miss Youppi.

- Doesn’t the Quaker Oats dude look presidential? I trust the Quaker Oats dude. I’d vote for him instantly! Get it??? Instant Oatmeal!?!? ROTFLMAO!! I crack myself up sometimes.

- I bought the VINCE t-shirt on line that Tom Cruise wore in the film The Color of Money. I look bad ass in this shirt! Oh shoot that’s two Tom Cruise references in one week. The Scientologists are gaining on me!

- Any Beatles fans out there? Please explain to what the hell is a walrus gumboot???

- There is a new band called the Mountain Goats! Yes, I have to buy their album.

- What happened to the good old days when Atticus Finch was the world’s most admirable father figure? Now a day’s kids look up to Hulk Hogan Knows Best of Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood. Puh-lezzz!

- My mommy game me a couple of 20% off coupons for I-Hop. Valid Anytime. I can’t wait to hop over to I-Hop with my I-Pod.

- I heard that they are building an MGM Hotel and Casino near Foxwoods. I wonder if they will bring the big Lion’s Head back like the one in Vegas before they tore it down since it was bad luck to Chinese gamblers.

- I just watched No Country for Old Men again. Javier Bardem’s portrayal of Anton Chigurh is the best movie villain since Hannibal Lecter as far as I’m concerned.

- While watching this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament, I finally realized why I hate Basketball. I despise the smell of gymnasiums. I just can’t deal with it.

- Now that The Wire aired its season finale, I cancelled my HBO. I’ll go back to reading books again I guess. Maybe I will re-order it when Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm come back.

- The problem is the secondary market. Coop deals are harder to sell so the lenders keep them as portfolio loans. Therefore they are reluctant to change the limits. It is hard for them to justify raising them for coops. I think it is one of those wait and see situations wherever the economy goes in the next quarter.….Oh wait…this is a work email….ignore this. Sorry.

- I just heard a fact that lettuce is the only vegetable that is not sold in cans or frozen. It is only sold fresh. Fascinating!

- I am such a Greek food snob. When ever someone says J-I-row, I correct them. It is Ear-row! Jesus get it right folks!!

- I just bought a breakfast cereal containing flax seeds. But my head didn’t grow like Barry Bonds claims flax seeds did to him.

- I heard Jeeves quit and now works for Google.

- The Mountain Cat


Anonymous said...

I admit, I'm one of those people that says 'J-I-ro' when I know better!

...and what about spinach - is that not considered lettuce leaf? ...or just a leafy vegetable?

I wonder what genre Mountain Goats fall into?

V - good one with the Quaker Oats guy!! LOL!!!


Dana said...

It is Ear-row Wait! Isn't it Year-row???

The Mama Bear said...

Don't you be buying no bootleg Girl Scout cookies man or I will send the Chicago mob after ya....and $2/ costs $3 here, and $5 in Chi-town last I heard, you definitely got some off cookies there man.

Funny I scheduled an optical appointment today...won't be seeing anything until May ;)

Knight said...

I second what Dana said. I had to read that several times before I knew what you were talking about.

Never thought about canned lettuce before. I would not eat that. Bags are fine with me.

Lu' said...

I'll be back, but briefly, there is a lotta shit floating around in your head MT Cat. LOL I don't mean that in a bad way.

Karen said...

I say J-I-Row, but I generally get mine from a Egyptian dude, so I think I am safe.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Dana...definitely need the "Y" in there!

Wow, Mama Bear...$5/box in Chi-town! I paid $3.50 here in NYC...I love the girl scouts and their cookies, but $5/box is tough to swallow. LOL!


Leighann said...

Wow MC, inside of your head is almost as frightening as the inside of mine.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, as Leighann has said, you have a lot of things going on in there.. It is kinda lil ummmm scary. hey I love me some Cameo on WORD UP!!! My cousins have all the older music and I just play them from time to time!! That one sticks out and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam!!

Okay I gone.. before I type to much


Christine said...

Okay, this is over my head or something. Whaa? I'm not getting this J-I-row thing. Can you spell it out for me, please?

The Mountain Cat said...

Gyro: Lamb in a pita with that white sauce. It is Year-row or Ear-row. Not J-I-row.

Jay said...

Whenever I'm driving down the street and I see a cop behind me, I usually turn off and go a different way. Just a habit. I'm practicing to see if I could get away if I ever have to. ;-)

Christine said...

Ohhhh...I'm Italian - I didn't get it. Kinda maybe like Moootzarrelllla - not Matzarella! Or, raises the question... Is it Mo-ey or Mo-et? Vace or Vahze?

Doc said...

Hey everyone... Vin - I was just at the zoo here in Panama city... dude I saw the most awesome Panther. It was stalking around the cage and growling and stuff, I loved it and thought of you. I got some great pictures. Talk to you all later.

Micky just dropping in said...

Well seeing how Doc just dropped in I'll say Hay Doc hope your having a good time!
Mountain Cat if all that stuff is floating around in your head, you must drool alot!
My sister just got a job at that new MGM Casino, she started monday as security something or other.

Becky said...

You're my personal hero.

The Mountain Cat said...

Thanks everyone. You make me blush. I am just a simple man trying to exercise my demons.

PAT said...

Vin I watched a Bio on John Lennon yesterday and my son said thats Yoko Ono i thought yoko was a wrestler...then he asked his friend and he said I think Yoko Ono is a wrestler...Vin where am I? Christine help me!

The Mountain Cat said...

Oh oh Yo-ko.
Pat, Once at your house we were talking movies and Christopher Walken's name came up. Then you son says 'Yeah he is the actor from the movie Joe Dirt right?' Then I responded, 'Of the hundreds of films Christopher Walken has been in, you think of Joe Dirt first???'

Pat said...

This is Y I ask You are they Mine?
Christopher Walken? "MORE COWBELL" right?

Don Mills Diva said...

I just stumled across your blog and now I am wracking my brain trying to think of another vegetale that is only sold fresh - damn you!:-)

Anonymous said...

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Bina said...

My favorite? The Quaker Oats dude and girl scott cookies. I can certainly see both of those things actually happening.

And I LOVED me some cameo back in the day and you are so right! Maybe he should get the flat top and then no one will care if smoke weed and enjoyed it or not.

Bina said...

WHY can't I use my back button from your 'alls web site??

Bina said...

Oh, by the way, I bet you would look good with a Barry Bonds Basketball Head! Ha Ha!

Anndi said...

Youppi is now the toilet seat cover in my bathroom...

Ginormous Boobs said...

Totally agree with you on Javier Bardem..he still haunts my dreams.