Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday's Top Ten List - 3/28/08

In the world of Rap and Hip-Hop there are an infinite number of artists that never make it big. Probably because most of them suck. They have nothing original to say and are just 'posers' of bigger Rap/Hip-Hop artists. Just like Hip Hop Harry!

So for today's Top Ten List I give you the....
Top Ten Most Obscure Rap/Hip-Hoppers

10. 6Pac
9. The Notorious F.A.T.
8. Howdy Diddy
7. Kid Barack
6. M.C. Donald & D.J. Jazzy Grimace
5. Chuck Eazy-E Cheese
4. Cypress Hillary
3. N.W.I. (Niggaz While Intoxicated).
2. Busta LeAnn Rimes
1. The Asian rapper Vanirra Rice.

Rice rice baby! He's Vanirra Rice, Rice baby! Don't be offended. It's all in good fun :0)

Ok folks it is your turn. Let me know about some other obscure Rap/Hip-Hop artists and you can win a Mountain Lion Award!

Have a great Friday.

- The Mountain Cat
***** Also, I left two fake rappers out of this list that are dear to Doc and I.
Doc will explain further in a future blog about one of our old roommates. Stay tuned.***** - TMC


Karen said...

The original Nelly was actually that mean girl from Little House on the Prairie. For some reason she never "blew up".

Sassy Mama Bear said...

M.C. Wrench ~ he was always messing up the works.

DJ Jiffy Jar & The Prince of Jelly
~ they just didn't know how to jam baby

Eminoodle ~ he was a little too chicken

Melted Ice ~ it got to hot in there

Sassy Mama Bear in da house!

Lu' said...

45 Cent
Dollah Sto
Peanut Eminem
Flava Yo Ass
Yo Baybee Daadee
12Pac O'beer

Lu' said...

English, Queen Mo FO
Italian, Yo Mamma Mia
Jewish, Oy 50Cent 2 Much
Mexican, Vanilla Flan
Chinese, RR Coor J
Irish, Dreen Kup

The Mountain Cat said...

Lu', Dreen Kup???

Lu' said...

"Drink up" eluding to the passion the Proud Irish people have for whiskey.

The Mountain Cat said...

Lu', O I C.

Micky-T said...

Dang Lu! They're spewing out of you like a stuck pig!

how about:
Pig Stuck Ho

pab' said...

Made me laugh Mic, but then you often do.

The Mountain Cat said...

The Jewish rapper: Tone Latkes

The Wu Orange Tang Clan


Mounty Katty Kat

Christine said...

Tone Def
Notorious See-You-Next-Tuesday

The Mountain Cat said...

Come on folks. any more? I can't decide on a winner. Y'all have to vote for me unless someone has one that they are holding back??

Leighann said...


What Would Wiggers Do?

Jeff B said...

Shamma Lamma Bling Bling
Wherz My Ho
Crack Me Up
Dis Gettin Ugly
The Bitchslap Boyz

Lu' said...

Zanfrd & Zon: Rappin' back that trunk up

Phfrankie Bondo said...

..perhaps all has been said...all I know for sure is Lu' done stole my thunder......You Rock, Lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...although I gotta say I LMAO at "Howdy Diddy"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mountain Cat said...

Thanks Phfrankie Bondo! That was my favorite too.

Leighann said...

Shamma Lamma Bling Bling! BAHAHA!

Leighann said...

Dr. Dreary
Snoop D O Double Bubble

Lu' said...

Thanks Phfrankie. I laughed at Howdy Diddy too.