Monday, March 3, 2008

And now for another installment of BobbySox & Portia

This morning BobbySox awoke with that not so fresh feeling. …….nah just fahkin’ wit’cha. I won't subject my fans to that again!

Instead here is my new list of Things Bouncing Around This Head of Mine for Monday, March 3rd, 2008:

- ‘Hi Billy Mays here for Doc & The Mountain Cat!’

- We watched Field of Dreams on the bus on the way home from Cooperstown over the weekend. But there is something about that movie that is completely inaccurate. The voice tells Kevin Costner to ‘Go the distance’. But if this is a true baseball movie, shouldn't the voice say ‘Go six innings and hand it over to the bullpen’?? No pitcher goes the distance anymore.

- Also there are some strange names of elected players in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Click on this link and make you own jokes…

- Also also, in Cooperstown I bought a six pack of Anheuser-Busch ‘Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale: Ale Aged on Bourbon Barrel Oak and Vanilla Beans’. The last thing I expected to bring back home with me was beer but it seemed like a unique product. Actually it is pretty tasty.

-Lastly in Cooperstown I saw the infamous Curt Schilling Bloody sock from the 2004 playoffs. I still believe it was ketchup as I now have seen it close up with my own eyes.

- 'All fans in attendance of the Yankees/Blue Jays game at Yankee Stadium on April 3rd will receive official New York Yankees condom compliments of Ramses.'

- This morning I cooked some eggs but I accidentally sprayed Rogaine on the frying pan instead of Pam. I now have hair on my tongue.

- If Eminem turned gay he should then call himself Feminem.

- I heard that Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are considering going on tour together. They will call themselves The Beatwhos. But I think The Whotles sounds better don't you think?

- I am sick of people calling me a Nihilist. Their opinions are pointless.

- Wouldn’t it be awesome is this guy really found the Lost Ark of the Covenant the same year that Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Crystal Skull premieres? It would be a nice way to help cross promote the new movie and end the Indiana Jones Quadrilogy.

- Well next week the government finally got me. I have to report for jury duty next Tuesday. I have escaped it several times. But now I will report and do my duty for America. However I heard there is a lot of waiting around. I better get a thick book to read. I think I'll read Mein Kampf while I wait. Boy, I sure hope they pick me for their jury!

- I saw a commercial for a Kids CD of remakes of current day hits sung by kids. Like nice artists like Kelly Clarkson or Josh Groban songs sung by 10 year olds. But I would like to hear the tracks that didn't make the CD. I'd like to see songs by Marilyn Manson or 2Pac sung by little pre-pubescents. Probably a bad idea.

- The other day I was thinking about my younger days growing up in Brooklyn and I remember a friend of mine who had an over protective mom. She would not let him watch the Popeye cartoons because she felt it was too violent. I wonder where that kid is today?

- Well I have similar story: Back in 1983 I was 11 years old and my mom wouldn't let me see the film Perfect starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis because of its mature sexual overtones. Instead I went to see The Never Ending Story with a friend. My old friends mad fun of us. :-(

- But I still have nightmares of that flying dog, Falkor. In retrospect that K-9 was freaky looking. (Actually Falkor is a Luckdragon but looks like a dog).

- Yesterday I cracked open a fortune cookie and my fortune read ‘Please re-order new fortunes’. What does this odd riddle mean???

- When I die I want my headstone to read 'My other plot is a mausoleum'.

- New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently gave me a key to the city for the website! But it only opens up doors to public subway toilets.

- I bought Renuzit’s Caribbean Cooler Home Fragrance Spray’. My apartment now smells like Antigua.

- And finally I did it! I'm not a virgin anymore!... No seriously, I started The New York Rangers Meetup Group that I previously talked about. I merged with The New York Yankees Meetup Group. Click on this link to view. I hope to see any of you NuYawkas out there at my events. Even if you don’t like hockey, please stop by to say hi.

- The Mountain Cat


ZenDenizen said...

Feminem! LOVE IT!

Doc said...

Antigua is better than Antique-wa

Leighann said...

Hello, my name is Leighann and I don't like baseball OR hockey.

What shall we do?

The Mountain Cat said...

Leighann, Nor do you like Seinfeld. Ok that's fine but your penance will be 10 Hail Mary's and 5 Our Father's and you will be forgiven. LOL.

Pat said...

remember the Ranger fan club that Val used to belong to....They were over the top...They just loved to party with the team and check out their bods..good ole Steve Vickers he had my eye thats for sure... and of course #10
Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!!

Leighann said...

If I were to say that I would most assuredly burst into flames!

The Mountain Cat said...

Pat, This group is just to watch the games at local bars. I won't go that crazy. Didn't Val date Don Maloney? LOL

Lulita said...

The thoughts in your head must be similar to the lotto balls in the air juggler.

The Mountain Cat said...

Yes Lulita, they are the same since they don't win me any money either! LOL.

Anonymous said...

My favorite movie, Field of Dreams.

Favorite line, " If you build It they will come" LOL Yeah I am Lame!!

Glad you are not a Virgin anymore?

Have a great Day!

Lulita said...

With regard to Eminem, then his body guards would be Feminem Protection.

Used to go see the Angels games. Company seats on the first base line.

How about Whobeats for the new group name?

The Mountain Cat said...

SiC, I tear up at the end of field of Dreams. That movie is amazing.

Lulita, I saw a game at the Big A a few years ago. Very nice ball park.
Or about the WingWhos?

The Mountain Cat said...

I'm surprised no one commented on Cumberland Posey yet??

Lulita said...


Karen said...

I want the Yankee condom. I would even suck up a Yankee game for that. Uh....Let's Go Mets! :)

Jahooni said...

i thought you liked Nascar? oh wait, this is TMC isn't it. nevermind. ;)~

Jay said...

It was definitely ketchup on that sock. Shilling is the biggest grandstanding blowhard in the history of baseball.

The Mountain Cat said...

eh-he-he. He said blowhard.

The Mama Bear said...

If Eminem turned gay he should then call himself Feminem.
Flippin hilarious!!!

I heard that Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are considering going on tour together. They will call themselves The Beatwhos. But I think The Whotles sounds better don't you think?

No, Geriatrics on Parade would be better. The could try but would it be worth it? I think there would be some ego clashing going on.

Good luck with jury duty!