Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Flyers?!?! Super!!!

On my way to the train station this lovely Super Tuesday morning I was greeted by a 20-something woman handing out flyers spouting 'Vote for Obama! Vote for change!' over and over and over and over. Now call me cynical, but does she REALLY believe what she is saying? Sure she may like the man and may understand his rhetoric, but if all she can say is 'Vote for Obama! Vote for change!', than I doubt she really does believe it. Now common salesmanship is to embellish the positives while ignoring the negatives, but her almost robotic demeanor deludes what she was trying to accomplish. Or maybe I am just thinking way to much into it as she was probably just paid $5 an hour to hand out these flyers and recite that two-liner. Either way she represents Barack Obama and DID NOT help his campaign in my humble opinion.

So then I glide down the escalator before the train platform and this time I am greeted by two women passing out more flyers announcing, 'Vote for Hillary! Vote for Hillary!'. But by now, I do not feel like analyzing anything anymore. I take a flyer and feel like saying to these Bobbsey Twins 'Wow! Vote for Hillary?? I never thought about it! I will vote for Hillary now that you mentioned it! Thank you for enlightening my my train trip, my morning, my day, the rest of my life and probably all of mankind! Man what are you doing here!? You two should be million dollar sales women. Thank you for convincing me with your eloquent persuasiveness!' But I decided not to say it for fear of sounding too sincere (sic).

At any rate, these flyer-passer-on-ers are probably good people who obviously work hard. So I shant be picking on them anymore.

-The Mountain Cat


Leighann said...

You're a lot nice than I am. I would have made a comment about having just ran out of toilet paper.


The Mountain Cat said...

Ouch! Now now Leigann, Obama would not condone this type of behavior. Nor is it 'Hillary-like'. We need to learn to be great human beings like all politicians are. ROTFL.

Leighann said...

But doesn't that make me a great human being? After all, I'd be recycling paper!!


The Mountain Cat said...

Leighann, Good point! See this is why I cannot be a politician. I missed that angle. I do not understand my base and the demands of the people.

Jay said...

I was going to ask if the Hillary person was shouting "Vote for Hillary ... Vote for more of the same!" haha

The people handing out the fliers are almost as annoying as the robo-calls. Almost.

Karen said...

I was going to say something profound about politics, but I have to go look out the window and focus on the Parade of Champions. I have priorities.

The Mountain Cat said...

Karen, I will be going to the parade shortly! I hope I bump into you. LOL.

The Mama Bear said...

My sister did that for Obama's Senate campaign and yet she is not doing it for the Presidential race.
Yeah, a little enthusiasm might make a difference.
Shoot I need to figure out where we go now that we live rural to cast our vote on 2/19.

Jahooni said...

On my way to work this morning, Hillary phoned in to a local radio station here (Ryan Seacrest Kiss FM) and was preaching about how young America should get out there and vote, etc. etc. Then I guess they were waiting for Obama to call in but his "sources" reported that he was on his way to play basketball. Hymn... I thought TODAY was the DAY for them to do all they can do to get votes... wait, young America vs basketball: maybe he is on to something....

Hammer said...

Yeah vote for change...of obama gets elected that's all I have let in my pocket.

The Mountain Cat said...

I am back. The parade was awesome!
I shook hands with Eli Manning. I hugged Michael Strahan. And I gave a mortgage application for Tom Coughlin.

Mike said...

For a two party system, you americans sure have weird wild funky politics!

In Canada, no matter who the candidate is, you're choices are:

Uber Idiot
Retarded Independent

I guess just like the U.S., we just can't win huh?

The Mountain Cat said...

Thanks for stopping by Mike.
Your system seems more accurate than ours! LOL

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until it is all over! Come on Obama!