Saturday, December 29, 2007


My 58 year old cousin Sal called his doctor recently to order his new heart medication over the phone from his pharmacist.

The following conversation came next:

Sal: 'I need to get more of my medication please.'
Pharmacist: 'Sure Sal. What is the name of the medication'.
Sal: 'Ahh...wait...on the bottle it says...Norefil'.
Pharmacist: '....I don't think we have that medication sir.'
Sal: 'I bought it there before. It says it here on the bottle'.
Pharmacist: 'Sorry sir there is no such thing as Norefil'.
Sal: (agitated) 'That can't be! I was given this medicine before by the other pharmacist in your store. And I have the bottle right in my hand. It says Norefil right there on the
Pharmacist: 'Sal. I think you are confused. That is not the name.
It just says No Refill. The bottle cannot be refilled sir.'
Sal: '......oh wow. Ok. Sorry'.
Pharmacist: 'I will have to do some research with your old prescription
and get back to you with the proper medication'.
Sal: 'Ah ok. Thank you.'

I can't wait until I turn 58.

- The Mountain Cat


Reggie said...

Hey...It ain't that old.

DocMtCat said...

My point being he is starting to lose it....hell I am 36 and I am starting to lose it! :-)
- The Mountain Cat