Wednesday, December 19, 2007

J. L. Spears

I would like to give a warm congratulation to Jamie Lynn Spears for getting knocked up at the worldly age of 16. I would also like to congratulate you on now being the poster child (sic) for all future teen pregnancies in America.

My niece is 16 and you have made my family that much more paranoid.
So if Julie Roberts is 'America's Sweetheart', Jamie Lynn Spears is 'America's Prostitot'. You have made your big sis Britney very very proud. Best of luck to you and the father!



My thoughts = Here is my question; She is only 16 so how come the cops aren't going after the 19 year old statuatory rapist boyfriend??

Plus Here is a story that I think is truly hilarious. The mother Lynne Spears was writing a book on parenting that is now "indefinitely on hold" Who in their right mind would ever agree to give Brittney Spears mom money for writing a book on parenting ??

Shane (Doc)

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The AbsolutGator said...

I think should could write a very insightful book titled How To Raise Dumb Sluts.